entire regions will become uninhabitable in the coming decades

According to a report by the UN and the Red Cross, the limits beyond which people exposed to extreme heat cannot survive could be reached in “regions such as the Sahel, South Asia and Southwest Asia”.

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His findings are alarming. Entire regions of the globe will become uninhabitable in coming decades due to more frequent and intense heat waves under the effect of climate change, the UN and the Red Cross warned on Monday (October 10).

Less than a month before COP27, which will take place in November in Egypt, the UN and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) call in a joint report to prepare for the next waves of heat to avoid a large number of deaths.

These organizations point out that there are limits beyond which people exposed to extreme heat and humidity cannot survive and that there are also limits beyond which societies can no longer adapt. and quote “regions such as the Sahel, South Asia, and Southwest Asia”.

The deadliest weather hazard

Such a situation will result in “wide-scale suffering and loss of life, population movements and widening inequalities”, warn the two organizations. According to the report, in almost all places where reliable statistics are available, heat waves are the deadliest weather hazard.

They already kill thousands of people each year and will become increasingly deadly as climate change increases. According to the report, experts predict very high death rates from extreme heat, “comparable in magnitude, by the end of the century, to all cancers.”

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