Favorites and claws of our special envoy after Benfica-PSG

Beyond the result, what did our journalist remember after the match between Benfica and PSG in C1?


Messi and the “MNM”, to the madness

Lots of business, cascading controversies, scandals of all kinds… It has been very difficult to talk only about the game since the start of the season. This action from minute 22, Wednesday during the tie between Benfica and PSG (1-1), allowed to find that magic of the round ball. Lionel Messi as a trigger and that is supported by Kylian Mbappé, who finds Neymar, the latter touching the “Flea” again, who put his left foot in opposition to find the clear opposite. Of course. MMN in action. All with a touch of the ball, at first intention. The genius of the three Parisian superstars spoke about this one. A feast for the eyes. Soccer is that too. A master stroke, a class action.

The Estadio da Luz lives up to its reputation

Belgrade, Istanbul, Naples… PSG have rubbed shoulders with several of the best environments in Europe in recent years, in the Champions League. We can add Lisbon to the list. “It is difficult to play here, in this stadium, with such a beautiful atmosphere.“Marquinhos blows. And it is true that the 65,000 spectators gathered in the Lisbon stands raised an uproar before the match, at kick-off and during Benfica’s great moment in the first half. Messi’s goal cooled the atmosphere a bit, it’s true. But the public only asked for a spark to start over. In the end, the stadium warmly greeted its warriors after this draw against one of the European cadores. There was enough. Roger Schmidt’s players remain undefeated in 15 games.


Fernández y Gil, criminal association

In the 44th minute, I think Marco Verratti may have a broken leg.The report is signed by Christophe Galtier. And the Parisian coach is not exaggerating… Indeed, Enzo Fernández has been there happy, with both feet planted on the Italian’s leg. “I have a very swollen ankle… A little more, it was broken“, confirms the interested party. Failure is already a problem. But it happens. The reaction of the refereeing body is different. Because the Spanish whistler Jesús Gil only gave the Argentine a warning. “I don’t think I understand anything about football because at the beginning of the competition we have meetings to say that a blow like that to the upper part of the ankle is a red card. plague Verratti, while Galtier indulgently considers that “The referee was not helped by his VAR assistants“. With this type of action, the anti-Vars have an additional argument.

Parisians still feverish

However, Parisians were warned. Galtier had never stopped explaining, before the match, that Benfica was going to press, hinder ball exits, be aggressive… That was not enough and Paris, defeated in the match, drank the cup for twenty minutes. Wednesday night, to the finish line. Les Rouge et Bleu lacked teeth in general throughout the first half, such as the action that led to Danilo Pereira’s equalizing goal in his field, with Fernández having plenty of time to cross. Achraf Hakimi’s positioning is questionable at best. It was better then, during a much better controlled second act. But without a great Gianluigi Donnarumma in the Parisian goals, we would have a completely different analysis of this match…

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