FIFA 23: A huge bug is ruining the game’s economy, angry gamers!

game news FIFA 23: A huge bug is ruining the game’s economy, angry gamers!

FIFA 23 is tens of millions of copies sold, players playing thousands of matches to reach the highest level, carefully composing their Ultimate Team, selling and buying cards, or progressing through their favorite career team. But when a bug creeps into the equation, the entire economy of the game suffers.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: a well-oiled machine in which a grain of sand has entered

Every year it’s the same song. fashion enthusiasts Ultimate Team, which brings a lot of money to Electronic Arts, invest a more or less important budget in the purchase of cards and envelopes to create a competitive team that will take them to the top. Buying and reselling cards, obtaining or buying packs, all the mechanics are in place so that players are there regardless of their investment, whether they are the richest or the most frequent increase the chances of getting the best cards.

Anyway, the machine is broken and the players have quietly formed their first team. in preparation for the first weekend of FUT Champions in FIFA 23. Everything was going great, until an event came and caused a big mess. the story of the day starts on October 8 whensuddenly some players discover that a The Guaranteed Heroes Pack was available for 500 FIFA Points or 25,000 Coinswhich is about 5 euros.

FIFA 23: A huge bug is ruining the game's economy, angry gamers!

FIFA 23: Ultimate Team mode interrupted due to a bug!

FIFA 23: A huge bug is ruining the game's economy, angry gamers!

So far, nothing special. The problem, at the origin of everything else, is that this pack was available for sale. That is, it was possible to get extremely rare players like Yaya Touré, Donova, Marchisio, Park Ji-Sung or David Ginola for 25,000 credits, and resell them at gold prices! These cards can actually be resold 1, 2 or even 3 million credits for some of them, which completely disrupts the market. It was obviously an EA mistake, which fixed all this in 25 minutes that followed the release of the package.

But it was too late and millions of credits have been erased. The price of cards has plummeted due to of their presence in great numbers in the market. In other words, players who bought these cards before the bug lost a lot of credit trying to resell them. On the other hand, there are thousands of players, who have took advantage of the situation to buy several Heroes Packsthen wait and resell these cards at the best time.

FIFA 23: A huge bug is ruining the game's economy, angry gamers!

Our colleagues at MGG indicate that Ginola cards, bought for 1 million credits, could be resold for at least double. The gains and losses are therefore colossal, and the error, however brief, had consequences for the entire FUT market. In fact, some star players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappé and Lewandowski have seen the price of their FUT card dropand it makes sense: Why keep them on the team? when very rare and extremely strong cards hit the market for the low price of 25,000 credits?

Serious consequences in the more or less long term

FIFA 23: A huge bug is ruining the game's economy, angry gamers!

At the moment, EA has not commented on the subject, nor how things were going to be arranged. The publisher could wait for the effect of the bug to wear off and for the cards to return to their normal price, but they could also reset servers to return the game to the state it was in before the package was released. The second solution, however, remains unlikely, EA never used this method to clear up such a situation.

The players who fall victim to the bug are obviously very angry, the ones who took advantage keep a low profile, while the rest wait for things to be fixed because otherwise, it is the entire economy of the Ultimate Team mode that is at risk of being brokenunbalancing a game mode that is already the subject of much criticism for its economic model.

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