FIFA 23: Domingo, Rivenzi, MisterMV… FC Silmi is finally back!

game news FIFA 23: Domingo, Rivenzi, MisterMV… FC Silmi is finally back!

Created in February 2021, FC Silmi, a FIFA team created in FIFA 21 Club Pro mode, has conquered French streaming. With tens of thousands of fans on Twitch, team briefings, an ever-increasing level of play, and the presence of many stellar streamers, FC Silmi has been able to federate a real community.

FC Silmi, what is it?

Composed of the streamers that are Sunday, Stars, DFG, Jiraiya, Xari, Mister MV, Rivenzi and PonceFC Silmi is a virtual football club created in FIFA 21 whose objective is play matches onlinewith a very interactive spirit, with a lot of humor, but very serious matches and goals. Playing with Club Pro mode, each streamer had his position and had to act correctly to help his team win, all within a defined strategy throughout the matches.

During the first season, FC Silmi stopped at the gates of the 3rd Division of FIFA 21, missing the mark by a very small point. Articles have multiplied, both to highlight the 80,000 to 100,000 viewers on Twitch just to assign ratings to streamers. In fact, the daily the team treated FC Silmi like a normal football team, assigning ratings to players after Monday sessions. In October 2021, FC Silmi returned to service, this time in FIFA 22.

Throughout 2021, FC Silmi has won 67 matches, drew 29 and lost 75. A record that brought 9 promotions, 3 descents, 6 retentions and 4 titles. For statistics fans, remember that 295 goals were scored and 328 were concededand that the detailed statistics of each streamer are available on the official Twitter account of the virtual club, which still has more than 59,000 subscribers.

FC Silmi returns to FIFA 23!

As you surely know, FIFA 23 has been officially released September 30th latest. Not everything is rosy, especially on PC, but players seem generally pleased with the improvements made, which make the game more of an evolution than a revolution. Obviously, many FC Silmi fans wondered if the excellent team would return soon, especially since the club’s launch in FIFA 22 took place on October 11, 2021.

If you’re a fan of the concept, any of the contestants, or just curious, rejoice! sunday has officially announced the return of FC Silmi, several months after the last date! The day after the GP Explorer in which he participated and which brought over a million viewers on Twitch, the streamer/presenter has announced the great return of FC Silmi. On Twitter, Domingo shared a trailer, accompanied by the club’s rap anthem, informing us that FC Silmi will start their new season. this monday october 10 !

As you may have seen, we also know the composition of the team, which will be made up of Domingo, Xari, Jijou, DFG, MisterMV, Rivenzi and Lowan ! Of course, the night could go on until 3 or 4 am, so take your boost, coffee or tea if you plan to stay until the end. However, you will realize Ponce’s absencewho indicated that he had taken his “retirement”, as well as the one with the starsthat is not quoted but that normally some appearances. To follow all this, it will be enough to go to the streams of each participant

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