Fifth. The Andre Adele Award in Auteuil this Sunday, October 9, 2022. – Angers Info

Address Auteuil this Sunday October 9, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté + In this test, the Prix Andre Adele will have to compete against each other as riders. The race will be held over 3700 meters, and will be endowed with €95,000.

In this event, Hamandio (7) was estimated at the beginning of his career, but since then he has gone crazy. His return to Le Touquet was correct, nothing more, for a rather particular route. He has already done well in Auteuil and it is legitimate to expect progress from him. Without making it a priority, we cannot radically rule it out, given the relative weakness of the lot in hedges. Here, he evolves into Auteuil, but this flowing course must perfectly match his aptitude. Therefore, he has the right to feed the ambition to end up in the winning combination. He will wear Australian blinders for the first time. Finistère Madrik (16) has only nine career starts for him. Initially promising, it can be said that he has found his footing this year. It has for him to have a re-entry race in the legs. He has less steeplechase experience, but he can do well on this course of modest quality. He wears Australian blinkers for the first time.

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Patrick Quinton: Havanea (1) is going to make its comeback but I’m not worried about that, because it’s quite “electric” and it’s getting ready quickly. Besides, he has work behind his back. The terrain and the route will be to please you. Carrying a heavy load will not be a problem for her either. It is true that having the maximum weight is never obvious, but I am not afraid of it. She should run fine.

William Minuet: Saint Dubawi (2) certainly needed to run on his return, before returning to victory. He appreciates flowing courses and short distances. I wish I had at least another week before I appeal, but the compromise is tempting. Everything seems to be in order for him in training and he is always responsive.

Donatien Sourdeau de Beauregard: Hosaville (3) is a horse that shows great consistency. His comeback was correct in a quality field. He goes back to the disadvantages here, carrying weight. He is not a great model and it is never easy. He is an honest horse who must defend himself well.

Mrs. Louisa Carberry: Canichette (4) ran well in a very good field last time. She’s going to go up a little bit on that. She is not easy to handle but gets better with age. Given her generosity, she is better at close range. she is so-so. If she jumps well and everything goes as desired, I hope to see her well.

Etienne d’Andigne: Ginja des Taillons (5) has done quite well recently in Nantes. In fact, the batch was holding up that day. It was over obstacles and didn’t have the heavy terrain that he likes. He may not be in his element again on Sunday. However, you should enjoy the countryside and the long distance. With her we compose with a quite complicated program.

Jerome Delaunay: Guenola Conti (6) has just made a good comeback over the hurdles, although she is more focused on the big hurdles. This race aims to fine-tune her preparation for the Grand Steeplechase of Nantes, at the beginning of November, but we will not deprive ourselves of anything. Also, at this value, I think you are competitive and this course should please you. I hope to see it finished when you arrive.

Michael Mescam: Blackfield (8) has just had a very good comeback since winning. Therefore, her form is beyond question, and for her return to the steeplechase, I hope to see her behave well. Now, I find that at this value, she doesn’t have much wiggle room and certainly would have done better at a slightly longer range. Before the kick, it is more for a place.

Nicholas Devilder: Dentor des Obeaux (10) has lately not found the good ground he likes. In fact, I think it’s better when the ground doesn’t stick. As soon as it is too flexible, its performance is moderate. Still fit, it’s ready to deliver its best value.

Sylvain Dehez: Rim Fire (11) returns. He is, of course, in good condition, but he will not have all the advantages in his game, the distance may seem short to him. He too would have preferred a softer track than the one on Sunday. However, a small square is not out of reach.

Christopher Herpin: César du Lemo (12) is a new resident. He made good value last time out by beating the horses that confirmed later. As I don’t have much choice of commitments, being left-handed, and he works very well in the morning, we tried the adventure on this quintet in Auteuil. This race will allow me to better understand his possibilities in competition.

Daniel Allard: His Carlex (13) is an undemonstrative mare in the morning. The most recent releases from him are not the best. In fact, it’s not very sharp on its limit switches. Let’s try to bring it closer to the head. I count on the mastery of Bertrand Lestrade to draw the quintessence. Before the blow, he needs to calm down.

Philippe Peltier (G): Listening on Head (14) is still very good at this level, over a longer distance. I hadn’t originally hired him. After discussing it with his owner, we decided to supplement him for racing, because the horse is in very good shape. 3,700 meters is not the best distance for this stable horse, but he still has his place at the finish line, which he rarely wins.

Miss Anne-Sophie Pacault: Lady Hanwell (15) is better at the steeplechase. The only problem is that she is right-handed. However, she is brave and does well in Auteuil. So, we are going to go back there, because she is in her category and she has already been successful in the proposed course. I hope she can retire from the game.

Nicholas of Lageneste: The last Cri (17) has resources and, at this value, is competitive. Sunday will be a great comeback, but he has a lot of work behind him and faces this entry in very good condition. Now I would have preferred a much smoother track. With a good run, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him grab a spot.

laurent position: Pinaclouddown (18) is an elegant horse that shows great regularity. It’s been in good shape and, at this value, it’s still competitive. It is certain that there are better than him in this event, but it would be risky to eliminate him completely. A place would suit me.

A summary: 13-4-14-8-6-10-5-15 The press summary: 4 – 13 – 14 – 8 – 10 – 3 – 2 – 9

Equidia: 4-3-8-9-14-6-15-1
Europe1: 8-10-13-4-14-15-6-18
The Parisian: 14-13-11-4-1-8-15-3
Alsace: 4-9-2-8-12-6-14-1
Paris Turf: 4-8-14-16-1-17-11-15

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