Fifth.  The Maure de Bretagne Award in Vincennes this Monday, November 7, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Maure de Bretagne Award in Vincennes this Monday, November 7, 2022. – Angers Info

The Prix Maure de Bretagne in Vincennes this Monday, November 7, 2022.

Address Vincennes this Monday, November 7, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté + In this test, the Prix Maure de Bretagne will have to compete against each other as riders. The race will be held over 2700 meters, and will be endowed with €51,000.

At this event, Histoire Thoris (1) took a bit of a risk, he really hasn’t worked much since his last performance. This race will allow you to refine your preparation to know where you are. That’s why I dare not open it. As a result, his task will be complicated, announces Arnaud Randon.

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Gilles Delacour: Hirondelle Fée (2) didn’t surprise me by winning twice at Vincennes, in September. She has always shown obvious means in training. She has recovered some freshness after her last outing, to face the match in good condition. It will remain closed for this beginning of the school year, it is better to fire it. She will be aiming for a bespoke engagement on November 21.

Yves Dreux: Holding Girl (3) had a very good year in the province. She is right handed. She feels really comfortable in this type of course. However, she will adapt to the left, especially as she evolves on the big track. Physically she is very well. Removing iron from her allowed her to cross a real course. On the right, it would be a first opportunity. Here she must terminate upon her arrival.

Jean Philippe Raffegeau: Hisa du Margas (4) declined the fight at Rambouillet in early October due to a violent storm. I was ready before this race. She went back to work in a good way for this engagement, especially on November 1 at Laval. She will be eliminated from the four for the first time in the “hard”. She always needed a little comfort. This is your chance to try and help him get past the “climb”.

Romain Derieux: Highness Kalouma (5) hasn’t been feeling comfortable lately on the right court at Salon-de-Provence. Previously, he had provided a good ending, in this course, in a similar event. He has no room for maneuver and it is imperative to hide the effort from him. If he benefits from a favorable course of the race, he can finish in fifth place.

Carlos Cuiller: Hi Mademoiselle (6) finished well in batches that held up under the saddle. I think she will be conditioned to that and it will have toughened her up a bit. She has no margin but is very manageable. You can finish fourth or fifth, with the help of a good trip.

lucas gaborit: Hune Love (7) held up well at Enghien during his last outing. François Lecanu is suspended, it’s a shame. We had prepared this engagement together. Little by little we increased the intensity of work for this meeting. It is absolutely necessary to pass and benefit from a favorable course. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her at the top, but we’re not running alone.

Charles Spoon: Hiahiastart (8) was a good second last time, after a favorable development of the race. Since he has no margin, he will again have to do well. If so, he may be fourth or fifth. My two residents have the same opportunity.

pierre belloche: Holly Mesloise (9) wasn’t too happy last time. She started off good, then just regressed, before ending nicely. She is better hidden and in great shape. If she gets it right this time, she may be on the winning streak.

Pierre Levesques: Heraklion (10) evolves in its category but has no margin. Quite brave, he does the shopping for him and can get a place here, as he did at the end of summer in this same field.

Antoine Weels: Hexode de Fellière (11) suffered a sprain last year and was out. She got all the feelings back from her. He has just returned to victory in Bordeaux. She is moving in great shape. She is discovering the big clue but that should not be a problem for her, on the contrary. She is in her category and has her opinion.

Thierry Duvaldestin: Hamandina (12) has just had a very good start in the capital. She has three courses in her legs. However, I still do not consider it 100%. She likes Vincennes. I still hope to see her fight for the first places. She will be barefoot from four feet to hers, which is her advantage.

Anthony Marion: Histoire d’Una (13) held up well in fourth place at the Prix Isara. Her nose was dirty from it. Her performance is therefore very good. Here he only competes against mares of his generation. This is a good first deadline for winter. She will be barefoot for the first time. With a favorable result, she has my confidence.

Hedi Le Bec: Haitian Fight Song (14) did well in a somewhat specific race last time out, getting beaten with honors. It’s still a good entry, but to his disadvantage, he hasn’t raced for over a month, due to lack of opportunity. However, it worked out well and I look forward to seeing her in the top three. Know that he likes to go to the train.

Vincent Lebarque: Hacienda (15) is having a very good season and won in his last outing in the neighboring field. He has regained his freshness and will present himself at his best for this good entry to the earnings ceiling. It is promoted in category but it is the logical continuation of its program. It is manageable, courageous and constant. She shouldn’t be out of the top five.

Leo Abivard: Héroine du Gîte (16) follows in an encouraging start to Enghien, where she took on the men. This race was intended to take him to his best for this goal. She is ideally committed and only has to face the females. She will be tackled head-on and “DP” like her during her two hits on this course last winter. The field is well composed, but I’m counting on her to finish in the top three.

A summary: 11-15-3-9-5-16-10-7 The press summary: 13 – 11 – 15 – 16 – 12 – 3 – 5 – 10

The Parisian: 12-13-15-11-14-8-10-2
Alsace: 11-13-12-3-8-4-15-9
Paris Turf: 12-16-13-14-10-9-15

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