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Guillaume de Pracomtal Award

Address Auteuil this Tuesday, October 4, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté + In this test, the Prix Guillaume de Pracomtal will have to compete against each other as riders. The race will be held over 3,600 meters, and will be endowed with €95,000.

In this event, during his comeback, in Nantes, Toscana du Berlais (14) ejected his partner at the end of the course while fighting for second place. She is a filly with some quality and appears to be well placed at this value. However, she does not have the experience of some. The task of her seems difficult to play for success, but a place is still possible. A late horse, Ilestbo de Houelle (16) made a remarkable debut in the big handicaps this summer at Clairefontaine. His trainer was counting on it lately, but he could only finish sixth, with no demerit. After some progress, he can finish in the top five this time.

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Jerome Glandais: Spirit of The Moon (1) has held up well since its last outing, where it performed well under heavy load, like this time around. If all goes well, you have your place in the goal.

Yannick Fouin: Vae Patron (2) has just made a good comeback. That day, he faced a well-composed lot. And on this occasion he demonstrated his competitiveness at value 62. On Tuesday he has to carry weight but the horse enters this test in very good condition and he cares little about the state of the terrain.

Miroslav Rulec: I was a bit surprised by the quality of Zaky’s (3) performance last time, but he is constantly improving. I hope it doesn’t rain too much. If the state of the field is to your liking, we expect a good performance.

Mrs. Brigitte Ré-Scandella: After his last start, Saint Langis (4) needed to take a vacation. That’s what they offered him. Currently I find him in very good condition, he has regained his freshness and has work behind him. Competitive at this value, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it perform very well right out of the box.

Laurent Viel: Sideralis (5) has always shown us quality. Having tried the obstacle course, I’m bringing it back with obstacles with the intention of doing it right. It worked accordingly to be able to make a good comeback and at this value I think it’s competitive. Now I hope everything goes well, because I expect a good performance.

Alain Couetil: I am sorry that the program is poorly done and that soon there will be no races reserved for mares in the extension of her last performance to advance in a List reserved for females, on November 13. Odela (6) has recovered well and I am waiting for confirmation of her good comeback, but it annoys me to race two weeks apart and face the males.

Julien Merienne: Obviously I can’t blame Iban Roque (7) for being beaten on his comeback. He certainly needed this race to get back to his best and again “tripped over a bone.” I find him good at work and he seems to be in good shape. Now, given all of his attempts, it’s hard not to be confident. He deserves to win a Quinté.

gabriel leenders: Sagarrou (8) found a good compromise recently in Nantes. Tuesday’s race will be a test to determine his future schedule. He trains in the great obstacles and will go to this discipline in case of failure. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much on the day of the return of Iceberg du Large (9). Left in retreat, he never really “returned” to the race. It was a reconnection and I expect him to show a completely different face on Tuesday. He must prove his competitiveness in handicap terms and his aptitude for possibly difficult terrain is anyone’s guess.

Erwan Grall: Free Lord of Anjou (10) will return here. He has potential and work behind him. However, on Tuesday we are going to mount it for the future without preventing anything, however. In fact, he had done too much lately by galloping ahead. On Tuesday we are going to put him on his back so that he is relaxed, hoping to see him finish his race well.

David Windrif: Walfer (11) is a quality element. She comes home with work behind him. He has the same preparation as my previous “returners”. He is correctly placed on the value scale and likes soft ground. Such a race should be withdrawn before the end of the year.

Agustin Adeline De Boisbrunet: Unlucky for his steeplechase debut in May, Impressive Machin (13) has just made a satisfying comeback. He is in good condition and, for his return to the fences, it seems to me that he is in very good condition. He is a colt that has quality and, at this value, he does not seem badly placed to me. I think he is capable of doing well at this level, he will leave with my confidence.

Mrs. Mireille Desvaux: Precious Impulse (15) is moving in the right direction, from run to run, in managing her efforts. Although it is a little close, I prefer to run it than see it exhausted in the morning, because it is very generous. The last time she showed that she was competitive at value 57. She recovered well. I am waiting for confirmation, especially since she is more of a heavy ground mare.


A summary:7-16-3-2-1-14-15-6 The press summary:1 – 2 – 7 – 15 – 16 – 3 – 6 – 5- 4

Equidia: 2-7-16-1-3-6-15-11-
The Parisian: 7-1-6-2-4-16-3-15
Paris Turf: 7-1-2-16-3-6-8-15

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