Film chaos on Primark shelves where customers leave clothes on the floor, “I’ve never seen that”

The Primark brand is currently at the center of many discussions on social media. In fact, a client filmed the store shelves located in Strasbourg. Shocking images according to Internet users of the accumulation of clothes thrown on the floor. Filmed on October 3, the clip has been heavily shared on Twitter for several days.

Primark is experiencing a big success in France for several years. During certain store openings, particularly in Bordeaux, until 2000 people they queued on D-Day. Thousands of consumers voted for this brand from Ireland, which offers very low prices. The dealer entered the 25 great brandsshowing purchases equivalent to those of La Redoute, according to a study by Kantar Worldpanel.

Primark, a successful brand in France

The video of the young woman, taken in first floor of the store of Strasbourg, however, does not contribute to giving a good image of the place. In fact, lots of Dirty clothes they are impressive. Our colleagues from Actu Strasbourg went there a few days after discovering the clip. In the place, two students He shared with them his opinion about the images.

Did you see the video? they asked each other. “ I had never seen that one of the two women replied. although she has I haven’t been to many Primark different ”, the video has it stopped our colleagues from the Grand Est report. Reactions are also numerous on the Internet. Many of them also express their employee support who will have to store the department in question. ” Take a good look at how people are stupid “, we hear in the clip.

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Images that provoked the outrage of Internet users

On October 7, Actu Strasbourg reported that all the shelves had been Tidy. More than ten employees were busy with this task when the journalists arrived at the scene. A primark spokesperson also shared a reaction to this video to our colleagues. He first insisted on apologizing to the brand’s customers. ” The images reported are not not up to our standards “, she added.

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A Primark spokesperson revealed the reason for the mess

The customer experience is one of our obsessions […]our teams usually go to great lengths to keep the racks in good condition “, she continued. After asking the store manager, he explained to Actu Strasbourg that the store was “ Victim of his own success “. In fact, there was a large influx from Germany, where October 3 is a public holiday. The establishment would have been surprised by a very occasional increase in activity “.

However, customers are not hampered in their purchases if they are faced with disorder. ” No wonder it’s not all tidy, I don’t care, it’s not expensive “, shared a client to our colleagues. The fast fashion brand is sometimes criticized especially for his lack of involvement in the respect for the environment. Critics who pushed her to ” create all clothes recycled materials or from more sustainable sources “, or even to” halve carbon emissions throughout the value chain by 2030.

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