“Football Manager”, the video game that has become an “obsession” for our readers

Have you decided to boycott the World Cup in Qatar? No problem: we found something to occupy your days and your nights at the same time. The videogame Football coach makes its return on November 8. The 2023 edition will immerse you, like every year, in the shoes of a coach and will allow you to manage the destiny of the club of your choice from A to Z. Please note that we prefer to warn you: Football coach it is very (very) addictive. To the point of sometimes becoming, as our readers have told us, an “obsession”.

heiress of Championship Manager (Coach in VF), the series born in the mid-2000s fascinates excessively. He manages the tactics, the transfers, the budget of his club: everything is an excuse to get lost in the menus of FM, where the numbers keep scrolling. The series is also acclaimed for its realism, with some professional clubs using the database for their own recruitment. Enough to make it one of the most time-consuming video games in the world, on the same level as the strategy game series Civilization or multiplayer role-playing games like world of warcraft.

“I was obsessed with winning the Champions League”

Wilfried, 39, says he “started playing at 16”: “Of course I’m addicted! I’m so crazy about this game that I took the portable version. Edy explains that he spent “275 hours” on Soccer Manager 2022. But the award goes to Marco, a player since the 2011 edition, who estimates his time dedicated to the game at “6,985 hours”, “not counting the series Coach “.

“My girlfriend gave me Football coach as a Christmas present, says Yann. I told him that was a pretty bad idea, even though he was excited. “The youngster is still a starter in one game, after choosing RB Salzburg, an Austrian club. “I was obsessed with winning the Champions League. It took me eleven seasons, but I made it, after multiple failures and tantrums. I spent about 1,000 hours in the game, every elimination in the Champions League was a terrible blow to morale. »

“Sleepless nights” and gambling at work

How to explain that fans spend so many hours in FM ? “It’s costing, there are so many parameters to manage and take into account: the development of his tactics, the management of contracts, the young players who have to be brought to maturity,” Julien tries to explain, who “waits for” children to sleep ” to play. “In short, we all take ourselves for our role models (Carlo Ancelotti and Sir Alex Ferguson for my part), and we try to get closer to their track record. »

But winning takes time, sometimes too much. So some of our readers assume to make sacrifices. Julien admits to having “sleepless nights when he was a teenager” and “dodging” outings, “but never a family meal.” “It goes without saying that she shortened many evenings with friends by pretending to be sick to play instead of going out, and that with Covid-19 and the arrival of teleworking she spent many hours playing instead of working,” Yann confesses. . We remind you, just in case, that playing at work can lead to disciplinary sanctions. Watch out, next time it’s a red card.

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