“Foretales”, letters on their way to the frames

Sometimes, even after more than 40 years of video game history, a small miracle happens: someone has a very simple idea, but no one else has had it before. This is the case of “Foretales”, by the French studio Alkemi, where we ask ourselves What if we made a completely card-based narrative adventure game? : cards for characters, cards for places, cards for objects, cards for actions, cards for opponents, in short decks and whole decks of cards so the player can write their story.

A story that puts us in the shoes of Volepain, a nice Shoebill from the Nile (yes, I discovered the existence of this kind of bird playing the game). Volepain lives off petty theft and modest tricks with his friend Leo, who is both a virtuoso archer and a tiger (he knew that before he played there). Both believe they have found the opportunity of a lifetime when they meet Timothy, a mysterious hooded leper who offers them a solid gold contract: steal a simple lyre from a local noblewoman.

In a short time, the two accomplices manage to escape the surveillance of the guards, go through a maze and reach the precious object… And that’s where everything changes. Playing the lyre, Volepain has a vision of all possible futures and a cataclysm that unites them all in their fall. Then he will embark on a race against time to try to save the world… One letter at a time.

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Did they tell you there were cards?

And it is in addition to all the originality of “Foretales”. Specifically, at each new stage of your adventure, you will find yourself facing a game board, where you make the cards in your game interact with each other. Using a pickpocket skill at an inn can, for example, allow you to collect some food and some coins, which in turn can help you corrupt an opponent a bit later in the game. Having certain skills in your “deck” can open certain doors for or encourage certain characters to join your cause.

Il ya aussi des combats, bien sûr, qui se jouent, vous l’aurez deviné, en posant vos petits cartons sur la table, mais ils peuvent souvent être évités ou désamorcés avec un peu d’astuce… On se found donc inside a kind of narrative version of “Magic”, “Hearthstone” or “Slay the Spire”referents of the genre.

A narrative aspect that does not rule out

On the contrary: the adventure is rhythmic, engaging, although sometimes we go around when we can’t draw that damn card that would allow us to progress (a bit like Uno, in fact). The visual universe of the game is charming. : the characters are all anthropomorphic animals like Disney, we think in particular of the cartoon “Robin Hood”, between the high-legged birds, the highwayman cats, or the gorillas in the middle of the class struggle… capricious, exotic, even relaxing and above all very addictivesince we tell ourselves too often: come on, one last choice and that’s it.

🎮 “FORESTS” – Available in Change Y computer

Thanks to Julien Baldacchino, Yann Gallic and Manon Vautier-Chollet for dubbing the voices.

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