Franche-Comté. A project to model Besançon in the video game Minecraft

At 53 years old, he is a fan of Minecraft. “If you only knew”, he responds to our smile, “the community brings together people from 4 to 90 years old that I know of! » From Bisontin, Tristan Mancini is a computer trainer, trend «web development for core business». He fell into computers from his earliest childhood: “My father was into the game.”

Alias ​​Anaximore

Claimed to be “self-taught in everything,” Tristan Mancini has a career path that has taken him from industrial welding to the street, through fine art and “stay-at-home dad,” with a renaissance in IT that has led “to the four corners of the world. “Until recently he was a digital adviser to the French service, until clear budget cuts allowed him to reinvent himself.

That’s good, a project was on his mind. “In August 2015, I created my Twitch-TV channel under the pseudonym Anaximore. He details his live strategies in Minecraft. A virtual universe that, according to him, goes far beyond the framework of the sandbox of idle teenagers.

“Basically, it’s a survival game, but you don’t just waste your time killing monsters, it has a creative mode that allows you to be daring. A kind of game in the spirit of digital Lego, since based on cubes one meter on a side, with which and a little ingenuity, a virtual world can be built on a virgin surface equivalent to four times that of the Earth.

“Some imagine Atlantis, others reproduce identical cathedrals… I’m quite fantastic but I don’t like cubic at all, I prefer lace…” They understand that the guy refines the details of his creations to the extreme.

With the National Geographic Institute

The idea, then, of Tristan Mancini was born from a meeting with Arnaud Mougin, co-president of the collective Ludique bisontin (C.LU.B), organizer of Ludinam, the festival of all games. “He invited me and I offered to do a demo where I would recreate Besançon in Minecraft. I started with the Place de la Révolution and the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology…” Immediate success.

To express the seriousness of the matter, “the National Geographic Institute provides the bases for the mapping of cities, with the location of buildings. Behind there is nothing left but building… I have friends who work in Amiens, others in the intramural Paris of the time. That is to say that we go to the origin of the buildings. And this is where it gets interesting because it requires a lot of documentation work. I even think that history teachers would dream of using such a tool to wake up their classes and have children as studious as the ones I have already taken on an adventure…”

Call to join the project

Starting in November, Tristan Mancini will continue modeling Besançon in Minecraft by hosting workshops at the Maison de quartier de la Grette. “Anyone can access the project, I only carry out an entry control with the rights to work in this or that area to avoid chaos. We’re off to the Loop and the 18th century forts and the kids are itching to tackle the Citadel. But I would like the City to take an interest in it because it could be a great calling card for him, but also for colleges and high schools. There is work because if the facades are quite simple to achieve, we can go very far in the details to recreate the interiors. »

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