“Frankly ladies…” Véronique Genest has fun with French actresses mobilized for Iranian women

Véronique Genest shared a message on her social networks this Wednesday, October 5. She talked about actresses and singers cutting their hair in support of Iranian women.

A topic that touched many people. Many personalities have pledged to support the cause of Iranian women. To do this, in a video shared this Wednesday, October 5, they have agreed to cut a lock of hair. The goal ? Support the women of Iran who take all the risks in protesting for the right to dress and live as they wish. An initiative that drew a lot of attention on social networks and that, in particular, made Véronique Genest react. On her Twitter account, the 66-year-old actress gave a very effective opinion. “Continue ! Shall we try the zero ball?“, first asked before adding: Because honestly ladies, it’s good to make a gesture, but compared to what these women endure, that or nothing…“. A publication that has been commented on by Internet users. “Yes… they are quite pathetic… too bad I liked some of them“, wrote one of them. To which Véronique Genest immediately replied: “Keep loving them. they are good actresses“. An answer that is not surprising since she is used to arguing with her subscribers, whether they are positive or negative comments.

Supporting the cause of Iranian women was a very important initiative for many personalities. Thus, at the initiative of lawyer Richard Sédillot, with Julie Couturier and Christiane Feral Schuhl, these are Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Adjani, Isabelle Huppert, Pomme, Yaël Naïm, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg either julie gayet that were seen in the video uploaded to Instagram. In the caption of the photo of the publication, the approach of the French stars is explained. “These women, these men, ask for our support. His courage and his dignity oblige us. It is impossible not to denounce this terrible repression over and over again”, we were able to read first. Subsequently, it was specified: “There are already dozens of dead men and women, including children. The arrests only add to the number of prisoners who are already being held illegally and tortured too often.” A very sensitive subject but it was impossible not to react. Therefore, we decided to respond to the call that was thrown at us by cutting, we too, some of these locks.they concluded. In addition to the aforementioned personalities, there are also Alexandra Lamy, Julie de Bona or Mélanie Douteywho filmed themselves cutting a lock of hair.

French personalities: why did they want to cut off a lock of hair?

The struggle of Iranian women took on another dimension after the death of Masha Amini. She was a 22-year-old girl who was “arrested and abused by the vice squad to deathlast September 13. He was accused of having “wearing the veil inappropriately. He died to show a few strands of hair.” then we read in the caption of the video. “His death outraged and shocked Iran and the world. Since the death of Mahsa, which occurred on September 16, the Iranian people, women at the head, demonstrate at the risk of their lives. These people only expect access to the most essential freedoms.“, is specified then. The death of the young woman shocked the whole world and the French stars wanted to bring their support in cutting a lock of hair. A simple gesture that lets Iranian protesters know they have support.

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