Free shows, experiments and workshops: the crazy program of the Fête de la Science 2022

After a very successful 30th anniversary, the science fair has returned for a 2022 edition colorful and emotional! From October 7 to 17 we will have an intense session of discovery and culture across all scientific disciplines. In dozens of places in Pariswe can thus take part in a lot free activities and workshops and get a maximum of knowledge and insight. From the largest institutions to the most secret places, here is a selection of better plans for this fun and educational event.

Museum of Natural History

Magali Cohen / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP France

For the Fête de la Science, the Natural History Museum joins the Musée de l’Homme, as well as the Jardin des Plantes and the Institute of Human Paleontology to orchestrate two days of madness. In addition to the exceptionally free permanent exhibitions to discover, you can participate in many experiences of all kinds and even attend the filming of a new program in the company of Fred de C’est Pas Sorcier.

Natural History Museum – 36, rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 75005 – All information here

Museum of Arts and Crafts

arts and crafts museum
GARDEL Bertrand / / / Hemis via AFP

Besides being a simply magnificent place, the Museum of Arts and Crafts it is the showcase of thousands of inventions and innovations that have shaped the world today. participate in the science fair then it seemed to make sense for the institution… So for the occasion, the cultural space offers us guided tours, conferences and even demonstrations around the most interesting disciplines. Not to be missed!

Museum of Arts and Crafts – 60, rue Réaumur, 75003 – All information here

Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital

magnetic resonance

On October 13, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital It will exceptionally open its doors to us for an unusual and very enriching visit. In fact, we will be able to go behind the scenes of the images of the human heart through a magnetic resonance. A unique opportunity to be behind the scenes for free.

Hospital Pitié-Salpétrière – 47-83, boulevard de l’Hôpial, 75013 – Reservations are required at the email address

The City of Science and Industry

science City

It is difficult to celebrate science in Paris without mentioning its epicenter in the capital. In fact, the Museum of science and industry has drawn up an attractive program for this beautiful celebration, which includes temporary exhibition, workshops, debates and masterclass around a variety of topics. The institution has just revealed its program in detail, which will focus on the first weekend of the event, on October 8 and 9.

City of Science and Industry – 30, avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 – All information here

Listen(s) on the Seine


Since we tell you that the science fair represents the opportunity to enjoy the most unusual and exciting practices. During these ten crazy days, yes it will be possible to listen to the Seine, literally ! On October 15, join the members of the association Pepason, which will deploy for the occasion a whole system of microphones and hydrophones from the top of the Saint-Louis bridge to listen to the sound of the Parisian waves. An activity that could not be more unusual and just as rewarding!

Listen(s) on the Seine – Pont Saint-Louis, 75004

Astrophysical Institute of Paris


Another important aspect of scientific discovery, the conquest and contemplation of space will obviously have their place in the next edition of the science fair. Lovers of astronomy, we will have to go next to the Institute of Astrophysics of Paris on October 16 to live your passion more closely. Star hunting, the Northern Lights in 3D or the trajectory of exoplanets: it will be a matter of participating in a lot of activities that are just as interesting as the others!

Paris Astrophysical Institute – 98bis, boulevard Arago, 75014 – All information here

The Sorbonne

fume cupboard

High place of knowledge and research, the sorbonne is also in tune with science fair. On this occasion, the university organizes a full day of conferences on current issues. Fake science news, artificial intelligence, supernovae and Proust : the themes will be varied but captivating!

The Sorbonne – 4, place Jussieu, 75005

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