French basketball player Thomas Heurtel’s scathing response to criticism after signing in Russia

The tricolor international leader has signed up for two seasons in favor of Saint Petersburg in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. A choice that speaks.

Three weeks after signing a contract in favor of Zénith Saint-Petersburg, which will mean a de facto exclusion from the France team for not having respected the conditions that he signed at the beginning of the summer and in which he promised not to playing in a Russian or Belarusian club, Thomas Heurtel breaks his silence. The midfielder, notably surpassed by Real Madrid and Barça, violently attacked those who constantly criticize his decision in the midst of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Just for your information, to all the people who send me messages or write comments criticizing me about my decision to come to Russia, or the decision in general, know that I don’t give a fuck, so don’t be ‘relou’ and stop wasting your weather. And please, above all, buy yourself a life!! Thanks in advancethe 33-year-old player wrote in a story, through his account instagram.

Thomas Heurtel’s message on social networks. DR

Contacts with Zénith long before the Euro

Free at the end of last season, Thomas Heurtel had flirted heavily with Zénith before the start of the EuroBasket. We knew it. It really wasn’t the best kept secret and the interested party had even admitted it in front of the press, at the beginning of the Blues gathering. The tricolor template also from the rest, thinking of the general manager Boris Diaw. The native of Béziers, however, was careful to wait until the end of the continental competition to register his signature. Otherwise, he would not have been able to defend the colors of France in Germany, according to the letter that the FFBB made all his players sign.

Therefore, this career choice could mean the end of his adventure in the French team, which began ten years ago alongside Tony Parker, notably with a title at the 2013 European Championship in Slovenia. While under contract with Zenith, Heurtel (99 picks), will no longer be able to be called up. It’s clear. However, this commitment lasts for two seasons, the second being optional. On paper, he could therefore be part of the trip to the 2023 World Cup (August 25-September 10, 2023) in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines and/or the Paris Games in two years. Except that even if he found himself free in time for the 2024 World Cup or Olympics, the Federal Office would still have to give his approval. obstructed horizon.

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