Fuel shortage: how to know the status of stocks at service stations near you?

Several hundred service stations are totally or partially out of service this Saturday in France. Waze, Essence&Co… various tools let you know in real time where there is fuel left.

Several hundred service stations have been partially or totally without fuel this Saturday. In question: the strike that paralyzes several refineries, including the two largest in the country, operated by TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil. Employees are asking for salary increases of around 10% and they have no intention of letting it go.

Tensions in supply are also accentuated by the additional reduction decided by TotalEnergies, which caused an avalanche at the group’s gasoline pumps. Enough for Olivier Véran, government spokesman, to say on Friday that the weekend was going to be “tense”.

Until the situation improves, how can you know the status of stocks at service stations in your area?

the official website

The first solution is to consult the official government website, “prix-carburants”. All service stations in the country are listed on an interactive map. Among the information provided: the type of fuel available, the prices and the shortage of stocks.

Be careful though, there may be a slight discrepancy between the available data and reality, the site being fed by the managers of the points of sale (it is an obligation) and not automatically. But in general, it is very reliable, even if the ergonomics can be improved.

Collaborative applications

The second solution is to resort to services or applications for smartphones that work in collaborative mode. Translation: Users help update information in real time. Therefore, it is essential that these tools have a significant and active community. In this case, they can be ultra-reactive.

Waze, the ultra-popular navigation assistant in conurbations where traffic is difficult, falls into this category. Just go to settings, choose the type of fuel your car runs on, and enter “gas station” in the search engine. The application will direct you directly to the nearest point of sale where there is still stock.

In the field of collaborative applications, available for iPhone and Android, we can also mention GasoilNow and Essence&Co.

Penurie.mon-essence.fr is first and foremost a website. Very practical, in the form of a map, it allows you to know at a glance which stations are totally or partially out of service.

Non-exhaustive list. If you know other practical solutions to know the gasoline stocks in real time, do not hesitate to share them in the comments.

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