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The Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (ANJ) announced this Monday the signing of 4 commitment letters to promote responsible commercial communication in the gaming sector on television, radio, screen and digital.

A few days before the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar (November 20-December 18), the ANJ has indeed brought together the gaming operators and the “advertising ecosystem” who have thus assumed “strong commitments to moderate advertising pressure in favor of games of chance and promote responsible commercial communication,” he said. First of all, under the auspices of ARCOM, the two current charters applicable to television (signed by TF1, M6, France Télévisions or even beIN Sports) and radio (signed by Lagardère News, Radio France, NRJ Group) have been revised. ..). They include the recommendation of the ANJ consisting of limiting 4 to 3 advertisements for games of chance and games of chance per advertising screen. The billboard card (particularly signed by JCDecaux, etc.) is new. It brings together in practice the professionals in the sector who are committed to excluding, in particular, advertising communication in favor of gambling “in the vicinity of schools and addiction care structures and to limit visual advertising pressure on stations and stations metro”, highlights the authority. The profession will also make spaces available to the ANJ to deploy poster campaigns to prevent the risk of excessive gambling.

Finally, the responsible digital advertising charter brings together all the authorized gaming operators in France (la Française des Jeux, PMU, Winamax, BetClic and Unibet) as well as the advertising professionals who are members of Alliance digital, the entity resulting from the merger of the IAB France and the Marketing Mobile Association (MMA) France. This sectoral agreement was signed “by all gaming operators,” insists the ANJ. The agreement should allow “better control” of the commercial communications of the operators published on social networks, platforms, mobile applications, websites, as well as those of influencers and ambassadors. “Operators also undertake to protect minors from gambling advertising and not to exert advertising pressure on vulnerable audiences, in particular young people and excessive gamblers,” the Authority further states. The implementation of these four charters will be subject to annual monitoring by the ANJ.

SIRTI and Les Indés Radios will not sign

In a joint press release, the Independent Radio Union (SIRTI) and the GIE Les Indés Radios announced that they will not sign the constitutive act that concerns them. These professionals “denounce a host of measures to the detriment of consumers and the radio media, and demand an urgent reform of the legal notice system” that “is back in the news with an omnipresent situation in which each ministry can intervene without consultation or reflection on efficiency. for the consumer They thus remember that a decree of July 29, 2022 at the initiative of the Ministry of Health had “greatly increased without consultation” the legal notice in the gaming sector that came into force on October 2, 2022. These legal notices represent now “almost half of the spot: about 10 seconds of a spot that makes 20”, they point out. “These various measures are discriminatory for radio compared to other media, in particular non-regulated media”, they conclude while having the intention to “continue the dialogue with the Authority to reconsider legal notices in the online gaming and betting sector, and more generally”.

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