Gas shortage: the list of open gas stations in real time

Updated on 10/10/2022 – As in 2017 due to the social movements of fuel carriers, gasoline begins to run out at service station employees and queues form in front of the stations. For ten days, the strike of the employees of TotalEnergies and Esso-Exxon Mobil has paralyzed a part of the service stations. If the Government remains confident in evoking “tensions in the supply of certain stations” while calling on motorists to avoid “the panic effect” in front of the unions, CGT at the head, believes that this strike movement of the employees must continue “in the time”. . And the facts seem to prove the strikers right, if on Saturday, October 8, 15% of the gas stations had difficulties with at least one type of fuel, this Monday almost a third of the gas stations are partially dry.

Still, in these scarcity conditions that still don’t say its name, the Mon Essence site can still be very useful for finding fuel. It is recalled that this map that lists open service stations and available fuels (SP95, Diesel, E85, LPG, E10, SP98) is updated in real time based on user statements. Also note that the site is available as an app with Essence&CO available on iOS and Android. Finally, keep in mind that the government also offers its official map of open stations.

Essence&CO is a free mobile application for Android and iOS, very useful in this period of general rise in energy and fuel prices, which allows you to find the cheapest gas station.

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Finally, if you have found an open station near you, we also suggest you read our selection of the best apps to save at the pump:

Original article, published in 2016

France will not experience a fuel shortage. At the beginning of the week, the government wanted to be reassuring and logically intended to stop the flow of motorists who assault open gasoline pumps. As the situation has worsened and the fuel shortage is no longer in the mind, it materializes with the queues in front of the stations that still have gasoline. This Thursday morning, more than 4,000 stations remained with total or partial fuel shortages, that is, more than 25% of the hexagonal stations.

All major cities are affected and for 3 days, these are the “strategic reserve stocksthat the network is beginning to be supplied, indicates the president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries. The latter specifies that “in recent days, gasoline consumption has multiplied by three or even five in certain areas, the demand is so important that we are unable to continue” while it tempers that these strategic reserves would allow us to endure “for 3 months “.

Striking refineries and blocked fuel depots joined a strike at the oil terminal in the port of Le Havre on Tuesday. The latter provides 40% of French imports of crude oil, the crisis raises a step in the chain of distribution of black gold.

Since Thursday morning some signs of improvement have appeared with the release of certain deposits, the lifting of supply restrictions ordered by the prefects and the use of strategic reserves that are beginning to supply the network of service stations. The website has put online a map of refueling stations, the latter, visible below, currently refers to 1054 stations with new fuel.

The map of open stations

As in 2010, with a strike in the port of Marseille that raised the threat of fuel shortages, some sites intend to reference the open stations, with the help of Internet users. Let us mention in particular the site aptly named “scarcity of my”, whose map is updated in real time.

Social networks can help motorists. They allow knowing the gas station price per station, the location of mobile radars or even the positioning of traffic jams. Another specific application has just been created: the location of stations with gasoline shortages.

This is the idea of ​​the site, which specializes in fuel prices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. For the past few days, he has been using his network of collaborators to report on dry seasons. And as you can see on their site, there are a lot of them.

Also note the site which uses its forum to indicate the stations supplied.

In this period of social conflict, it is often a battle of figures, which is why we have compared this information with that of the Ministry of Industry and Employment, which puts fuel prices online, through its www.prix- carburants.gouv. fr. No reference is made here to closed stations, but we note that some no longer display fuel prices. On the ministry side, they confirm that these stations are most likely out of service because it is the person in charge of the pump, who is in charge of indicating these prices, and does not transmit any figure in the event of an empty tank. But you still need to be serious about passing on this data. Beyond the 500 m3 sold in the year, each gasoline distributor is required to indicate their prices on the ministry’s website but, even with a sanction threat from the DGCCRF, this data transmission is not always carried out or it is uneven.

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