Giorgia Meloni is outraged by French Minister Laurence Boone’s statements about the next Italian government

Giorgia Meloni is outraged by French Minister Laurence Boone’s statements about the next Italian government

Laurence Boone and Emmanuel Macron in Prague, at the start of the European Political Community, October 7, 2022.

The Paris-Rome axis was in turmoil for a few hours on Friday, October 7. In a daily interview the RepublicFrench European Affairs Minister Laurence Boone, when asked how Paris would work with the next Italian government, replied: “We will be very vigilant in respecting the values ​​and norms of the rule of law. » “The European Union has already shown its vigilance towards other countries, such as Hungary and Poland”she added.

These statements provoked the ire of Giorgia Meloni, whose far-right party, Fratelli d’Italia, won the legislative elections on September 25. The future prime minister of the third largest economy in the euro zone, whose government should take office at the end of October, denounced on Facebook “an unacceptable threat of interference against a sovereign member state of the European Union”.

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With these statements, the French minister “Response to the mistake made by the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne”, she adds. On September 26, the day after the victory of Mme Meloni, Borne had warned that France would be “vigilant” a ” respect “ Human rights and women’s right to abortion.

The coalition of Meloni has an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate, and civil rights activists fear a significant rollback of civil rights, from abortion to same-sex marriage, when she takes office. “family and traditional values”.

“I trust that the French government will immediately deny these statements”says mme Meloni. « The era of governments led by the PD [Parti démocrate, principal parti de gauche] the search for protection abroad has ended. I think that is clear to everyone, both in Italy and abroad.”concludes.

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“Europe Breakthrough”

French President Emmanuel Macron assured, later on Friday, the good relations that Paris wishes to maintain with Rome. “Whoever is the president [Sergio] Names Mattarella (…) France will work with good will [et] requirement to advance in the European project in which we believe”launched by the French head of state, after a European summit in Prague.

“We take the leaders that the people of each country give us, and our duty is, around the table, to move Europe forward, in the fairest and most effective way. (…) ensuring that we respect all our principles, all our objectives, all our ambition”he added.

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Macron has also braided laurels to the outgoing Italian prime minister and former president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi. “I want to say the happiness of each day that I have to collaborate with my friend Mario Draghi”he insisted.

“There was never a day that we didn’t learn from each other, at least when I didn’t learn from him more modestly, and that we weren’t happy to work together”said the head of state. “I owe him a lot and I think it’s a great opportunity for Italy and Europe that these years he has been at the helm. »

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