Gonzalo Quesada, Stade Français coach: “A surreal week”

Gonzalo Quesada (coach of Stade Français, big winner of Perpignan 52-3) “We felt that in terms of conquest and defense we were in place, we had to work on attack. Today I am very satisfied. For me, it was not important. It was a very strange, surreal week. Every day I read something fantastic. But without that, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this game so much, the attitude of the players. There is also a nice side.

Finally we were able to let go in attack. We felt that we trained well, but that we played a bit with the handbrake in attack. There were many situations that showed a lack of control. Today we were able to create threatening situations for the opposing defense.

“It was the worst week I’ve ever had as a coach. Now, it will depend on the players. I only work for them and for the institution”

I learned thanks to you (journalists) that there was already a plan for the future, but that’s normal. It’s weird to hear about this in the press, it hurts. I only read. They ask us to speak in voiceover, but I didn’t speak to anyone, I just read. It’s still a very special week, because I recognize that there was a gap between our reality and what we were reading, which was really scary. This week I have slept very few hours.

I put water in my wine. Frankly, I’m going to need a lot of wine to swallow. Honestly, I’ve had some tough weeks in the four years I’ve trained here. But this… It was the worst week I’ve ever had as a coach. Now, it will depend on the players. I only work for them and for the institution. If the players think I’m right and they want to continue, we’ll continue. »

“We often react. We expect to be in deep shit (sic) before reacting. There, we acted from the beginning”

Nadir Megdoud, Stade Français winger

Nadir Megdoud (Stade Français winger) “In our first four games we got off to a bad start. In Bordeaux we knew that, so we made a better one. There we returned to concentrate on the start and scored from minute 3, suddenly we are quite happy with the start we were able to make. We are often in reaction. We wait to be in the shit before we react. There, suddenly, we act from the beginning. »

Sekou Macalou (third row of the Stade Français) : “We can build good things in this game. We can trust many things. It’s great at this time of the season. We needed a reference party to grow. We were keen to show Perpignan that we weren’t in our shoes last season.

Everything that happens outside is none of our business. We only focus on what we have to do, which is to win games. No one discussed the interview. (from President Wild) Before the match. No one knew, no one discussed it. »

David Marty (USAP Coach) “I don’t know what happened. We’re going to ask the right questions. We made a mistake somewhere, that’s for sure. Especially in the preparation, in the week. I take it a bit for myself. It’s complicated. But we already had a bad time afterwards. de Brive (6-17, 2nd day of the Top 14) and we reacted. There’s nothing today! I don’t want to give explanations, I want to talk about our pride, about what was missing.”

“We got run over”

Mathieu Acebes, captain of Perpignan

Mathieu Acebes (USAP captain) “I can not explain what happened hot. The truth is that it is a great disappointment. I am ashamed of what we were able to do on the field, it is not worthy.

We thought we would come and hook the Stade Français. It is clear that we have only suffered. We got run over. This afternoon (Saturday), the spirit of rebellion was well hidden. The slightest failure does not forgive. At some point, you also have to wake up and have some self-esteem. »

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