Guests of Vivienne Westwood, maybe that’s a detail for you…

question parade

What is fashion? What is a parade for? Is beauty still the theme? Is elegance a totally old-fashioned value? And the clothes in all this? Are they still important? More or less than the images that light up Instagram? More or less than the people who settled first row ? Fashion week ended a few days ago and leaves behind a lot of questions and a lot of flashy souvenir photos. This was taken during Andreas Kronthaler’s fashion show for Vivienne Westwood, at the Gaîté Lyrique.

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shiny accessory

What do we see in this image? A tangle of stars of all kinds widely dressed or complemented by the inviting brand. At the left end of this first row, note, to begin with, the presence of the so-called Dara (9.8 million followers on Instagram). The former member of the K-pop group 2NE1, the South Korean star wears in particular, here, a Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace that goes around her neck three times, says “necklace”. This is what specialists call pearl necklaces longer than 114 centimeters.

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inspired ornament

Two places further, Doja Cat (24.4 million followers on Instagram) also displays a spectacular piece of goldsmithing. In fact, in keeping with her entire outfit, the rapper wears an ornament inspired by pieces of Berber origin historically made by artisans from southern Morocco, especially those from the city of Tiznit. In fact, the many gold discs that fall on both sides of her face recall her work around the coins of Moroccan artisans who, lacking precious materials, valued everyday objects.

next scarlet

To the left of Doja Cat, another singer shines brightly. Halsey (30.6 million followers on Instagram), dressed in red, wears spectacular thigh-high boots that highlight the strange destiny of this sneaker. Born several centuries before Jesus, this high boot was for a long time the symbol of a form of proud virility and the prerogative of the military, the only ones authorized to ride a horse. Things began to change in the 19th century with the feminization of horse riding and it never stopped reversing… In fact, soldiers wearing these shoes are quite rare.

shock choker

Alongside Doja Cat, skater model influencer Evan Mock (1.1 million followers on Instagram) had also been in charge of appearances. Horsebit loafers, white socks, shoe polish, tank top, she was also wearing a pearl necklace signed by Westwood that allowed us to reopen the file… In fact, if Dara’s necklace were a bridge, what kind of model is here? A He drowned, 36 to 40 centimeters long? A princess, 40 to 45 centimeters? Or a Morning, from 45 to 60 centimeters? Another question that leaves fashion week.

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