“He annoys everyone”, Emmanuel Petit addresses Kylian Mbappé’s communication

The program “Rothen lights up” analyzed the last outings of Kylian Mbappé on Monday. Emmanuel Petit took the opportunity to put on the prosecutor’s costume and criticize the PSG striker’s communication. Jérôme Rothen was responsible for ensuring his defense as a lawyer.

He no longer hides his frustration. In recent weeks, Kylian Mbappe hasn’t seemed really fulfilled at PSG. Bondy’s crack reminded him again during Saturday’s draw for Reims in Ligue 1 (1-1). After a performance without much relief at the Auguste-Delaune stadium, the France national team striker published a message that was noted on the networks, in which he ironically about his status as a “pivot” within Christophe Galtier’s team. A role that he does not appreciate, as he had already explained in the last gathering of the Blues.

The program “Rothen turns on” looked at the communication of the 23-year-old star, this Monday at RMC. Emmanuel Petit took the opportunity to put on a prosecutor’s suit to criticize the behavior of Kylian Mbappé. “In recent weeks I find him off topic in his communication, explained our consultant. I find that he is getting further and further away from the central theme, which is the game and the pitch. He is turning it more and more into a personal business. .”

“He puts himself above the institution”

“Of course I hear rumors that promises haven’t been kept, but I want to tell him, ‘Kylian, grow up, that’s life.’ like that? Do you mean you have to stop working and question everything? Of course not. It’s called everyday life, adult life, adult life. Kylian, the sooner you’ve resolved your problems with yourself , sooner your performance will be affected on the field and your relationships with the public and your teammates will find some appeasement”.

“Today he annoys everyone, continues Petit. He constantly makes it a personal matter. It even puts itself above the institution. Has everything that has happened in the last few months gone to your head? in the world? At PSG, we certainly made promises to him by telling him that the project would be built around him…”

“Your statements are off topic”

“Kylian, you started in completely different positions at AS Monaco, Petit added. You were on the right side when you came to PSG, then you were on the left side. Now you are in the middle. But this never freezes on the pitch. The forwards they spend their time moving and changing in their respective areas. The club is more important than any player. Today, Mbappé’s statements are irrelevant and are disrespectful to the institution, but also to its members. Because by saying that, he is targeting his coach but also certain players. I find that regrettable.”

In the process, Jérôme Rothen dressed as a lawyer to defend the 2018 world champion: “As always, Mbappé is attacked in relation to frustration and reactions. So yes, he shows it. Maybe a little too much, in fact “Sometimes, he’s moody, because he’s not happy with himself personally anymore. He has a slightly more difficult period. He’s less efficient. It’s reflected in a collective frustration.”

“We can understand your frustration”

“Remember why he stayed at PSG. As he is a perfectionist, he wanted to continue progressing. It was not him who said: ‘I want to do this or that’. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and the emir sold him a Campos and Galtier, with a game project that was not the starting one at all, so he plays in a role that is not the one he “sold him. Perhaps if we had sold him that, he might not have decided to stay and would have gone elsewhere. We can understand his frustration, even if he shows it a bit too much, we agree. Except there, we stop at a little hashtag (#pivotgang) that he posted after the game. Just a little second grade. He may have left a game in frustration and just laughed at the end. He believes that he will get people talking. He did it with a lot of self-derision.”

“There were several discussions during the match in Reims between Galtier and Mbappé, adds Rothen. Suddenly, he told him: ‘Stay well in the axis because you are going to have balls with Soler, Ruiz and Sarabia’. But the balls rarely came. After , Galtier said to him: ‘Come and take it’. So, after a while, he doesn’t know where to go. There is a misunderstanding. But we shouldn’t interpret everything and say that today, the problem is with Christophe Galtier, because there is a lot of respect between them, as with Campos”.

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