Helena Noguerra’s grandmother: this unlikely nickname that her grandson gave her and that seems “punk” to her

A year and a half ago, Helena Noguerra’s life changed completely: when she had just turned fifty, the actress became a grandmother to a little boy, the son of his only son, Tanel, quietly became a father. A great milestone to overcome, which he now seems to have fully accepted, as he revealed in the pages of the magazine. SHE that the boy calls him…”same !

A nickname that people find difficult to understand but that she loves. “I am 53 years old, I am a grandmother and I like to be called ‘granny’. In general, people exclaim: ‘No, he is old!’ It seems punk to me that they call me ‘grandma’ and assume one’s age“, she explains, attached to the fact of assuming the passage of time, as she says so well in the interview.

The same when they tell me: ‘We don’t give you your 53 years’. I answer: ‘Why take them off?’ I worked on them during those years, they are mine. We think we’re paying tribute to you when we say, ‘You’re still beautiful.’ But I am beautiful, even though I am not as beautiful as when I was 12 years old. We are sent back to the fear of age. Yes, age is scary, but the resistance to this social pressure is to be extravagant as men do.“, argues the actress, previously in a relationship with Philippe Katherine. And this difference that is often made between the beauty of men and that of women is a point that challenges her a lot.

In private, they are saddened by losing their hair, by gaining a belly, but they dedicate themselves in one of the magazines to talking about their charms. We have to have the same attitude until this topic of the age of women is no longer a debate“, he affirms. Did he raise his own son with that in mind? No one knows, since the young man, a model, remains discreet about his life and that of his mother.

However, she trusted her way of raising her son, born when she was 22 years old: “It was all very instinctive with Tanel. I experimented a lot and the child did not weigh me down as it can happen later. I was so young… It was like having a little brother, I took him everywhere, she remembered. This is the reason why he is very free. I raised her alone, so I made her a very independent person.

In any case, Helena Noguerra seems to flourish in her life as a grandmother, but she is not going to reveal too much. Refusing to dwell on her private life now, she had justified her choice very clearly: “When you start, you are happy to talk about yourself and you do not realize the impact on those close to you. But as you get older, you realize that all the things that are said will one day come back to haunt you.

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