her famous husband in jail!

her famous husband in jail!

A moment you’ll never forget, but probably not for the right reasons. Precisely, Jean-Jacques Debout, the husband of Chantal Goya with whom he slept apart, lived through a very complicated moment a few years ago, as he explained during his time at Jordan de Luxe, broadcast by our colleagues at Tele-Leisure. A moment that took place in 2003, when he ended up… in prison.

The fault lies with a night in which the alcohol flowed too freely, as the 82-year-old musician assumes, in a Paris brasserie. “open day and night”. In front of Jordan de Luxe, she says that she has the habits of him in the establishment, even a little too much. “Many times after singing or when I came back from a tour, I would stop there, on the one hand to eat eggs and ham because they make them wonderfully well and I drank a little dew to accompany, remember. But one day, the little dewdrop turned into a nightmare.

Chantal Goya’s husband gets into a police car and ends up in jail

“That day a group of nice guys arrived, they were unemployed actors who wanted to stop the Avignon festival. […] The boss saw that it was starting to get a little hot […] I finished emptying the bottle I had left”Chantal Goya’s partner recalls before continuing: we started talking […] I told them: ‘You are going there to stop the Avignon festival, what will you use it for?’ […] There are some who gave me reason, others not”.

At the end of the evening, or the night, Jean-Jacques Debout had to return home with a vehicle that he was not used to driving: Chantal Goya’s 4X4. Without orienting himself with the car, the musician was the victim of an accident after getting into a police car. “I took avenue René-Coty to go home”remember before explaining that you had he braked with all his might” But that was not enough: “I ended up stopping the car but it took another little jump and then it demolished the whole rear bumper and broke the rear doors. […] The cops screamed like calves. An accident that landed him directly in prison. “The girl who was driving came out like a fury and told me: ‘I arrest you’ […] I have a quick trial […] I inherited two and a half months in prison”He concluded.

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