here are the 12 hair trends spotted on the runways

Fashion month ended on October 4 and the catwalks vibrated at a capillary tempo mixing renewal and classic codes. In addition to displaying the great tons of clothing of the season to come, we models in vogue ont arboré les coiffures que seront de toutes les silhouettes printanières prochaines mais qu’on poster déjà avec l’envie folle de prendre un temps d’avance sur the tendency. While some old hairstyles are surprisingly updated, other timeless creeds from last season have been definitively confirmed for spring-summer 2023. Prestigious fashion houses and emerging brands have presented their vision of the next summer trend around a single beauty. slogan: minimalism. And that’s definitely all we love. No need to stand in front of the mirror to show off a chic look, we play the card quickly and effortlessly in our bathroom and go for a sleek look that is nonetheless super chic. A chic girl without fuss. A sober, pure and raw chic. And in the same way that sophistication does not deviate from its humility, we feel a wind of nostalgia around us that surrounds us and blows strongly in our next beauty routines. When the world of childhood cradles our designers’ desires for fashion and beauty in unison… The resulting charm on the catwalks is incandescent… Shall we say a little touching?

Focus on our 12 hair obsessions for next spring, but especially tomorrow morning!

From Paris to New York sailing to London and Milan, the designers distilled their hair statement and launched their credo. We revisit, we modernize, we return to our most chic classics and we carry the vein of nostalgia.

Modernized wet hair is meant to be lopsided and sticky when every girl’s new statement accessory in vogue will have us all wanting to trade in our barrettes for a sculptural hat. The ultra-soft XXL mane doesn’t clump and stands out as must-have hair that in its sheer sophistication easily outlasts the seasons. Half train and duo of low quilts consecrate the cute little wise girl face that we all had when mommy combed our hair! As for the side hair and the strand on the side that we consider past? Make no mistake because next season we will all be combing our hair on one side of the neck. And in this latest long-forgotten side obsession, the cheeky parting down the middle is thus, unsurprisingly, dethroned by its sleeker, more graphic counterpart on the side.

Take one thing out of all this: have fun, but be yourself.

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