Here is the multifunctional sweater to have in your wardrobe

Posted on November 07, 2022 at 18:03

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Temperatures are dropping drastically, so it’s time to invest in a sweater that will keep us happy all season long.

The mercury is at an all time low, and honestly, we don’t care. Therefore, all fashion possibilities are allowed now that we can finally succumb to overlapping pieces. It’s not that we don’t like summer, on the contrary, but when it comes to fashion, autumn-winter allows us more extravagance and creative research. We highlight the warm coats, vintage cardigans and other velvet pants that give us so much style… But also, what should we buy when we find ourselves in front of the “sweaters” section of our fetish store? Of course, a turtleneck or Irish jumper are still must-haves in the fall wardrobe, but something else could very well earn its place as the season’s must-have icon. Yes, the zip-up sweater offers a lot of options to have fun with our looks. Of course, we like to combine it with other clothes in our wardrobe. A somewhat BCBG polo shirt, a retro t-shirt or even a more classic t-shirt. The very trendy idea to reproduce? Complement the banker’s shirt with a tie that matches the color of the sweater. There’s no need for a first degree match, we just want everything to be consistent. To rock it all, we’re going to wear baggy jeans or cool high-waisted pants.

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COS sweater, €89 © Press

Where to find the best zipper sweaters?

In order to find our perfect all-season piece, we turned to beautiful brands that look just like us. We are thinking specifically of COS, which offers a navy blue zip-up sweater with white stripes, or even Isabel Marant, who has designed a perfect model with a very old-school aesthetic. We fell in love with the Scotch&Soda brand sweater, which came up with a candy pink zip-up sweater. We don’t hesitate to combine it with mom jeans or a vinyl skirt with a delicious sixties aura. We opted for gun loafers, square-toed boots or 90s trainers. A cozy result without headaches.


Zip-up sweater, €149.95© Press

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