Here we show you how to wear tights this fall-winter to be on trend!

Tights are the must-have fall fashion item this year! Here’s how to best use it to perfect your style!

Who says you can’t wear skirts and dresses in the cool season? These outfits allow you to assert your femininity.

All you need to stay on top of the fall fashion trend is a pair of pantyhose . It comes in many styles and is suitable for various occasions.

Autumn fashion: tights are in!

We must always take into account the warmth of the outfit when we dress during the winter. Although the weather is nice in the fall, we can’t use a skirt as we want It is very possible to remain feminine during autumn winter by putting on a skirt or a dress according to fashion. You just have to wear tights to complete your outfit. This duo also makes for a stylish outfit, perfect for fall.

It should also be noted that this fall fashion piece keeps you warm. Stockings can also be used asfashion accessories to complete a look and enhance them. Whether it is for more formal occasions such as a meeting and a social evening, it will give you more elegance. And even for daily work, you can use it. Also, these pieces are available in different colors, styles and materials. Enough to allow you to choose the most suitable for each occasion.

From black to navy blue, passing through white, various colors They’re available. As for the material, autumn fashion tights can also be made of lace. You can marry him in a professional outfit. It is also possible to put it under the pants to be warmer. Pull out your best pair of leggings to stand out at a party.

We must put aside the plain tones for autumn fashion and give way to patterns. Which allows you to stay in the era of time. Fishnet stockings, lace, leopard or sparkly rhinestones, you can choose from all the styles. Luckily, we are going to give you some useful tips before you buy your tights.

How to buy stockings?

For fall fashion, shopping for tights can also be difficult. In fact, several criteria must be taken into account. First of all, you need to decide on the knitting. Know that the natural fibers like wool and silk keep you warm. However, they are more expensive. These fabrics have some drawbacks. They pill quickly and are more brittle. However, if you insist on buying it, prefer the wool blend to the synthetic fiber .

Lycra also makes the fall fashion garment more flexible. As for microfibers, they have the ability to give the fabric a softer and more synthetic appearance. Fleece lined ones are easy to find and affordable.

For stockings made of StitchesThey are more resistant and waterproof. Also, the width of the stitches can vary according to your preference. There are also meshes made with advanced technologies that make the fabric indestructible. With respect to denier , consists of a unit to set the strength, opacity, warmth and thickness of the fall fashion piece. Note that the denarius can be represented by the symbol DEN or D.

The higher the index, the more opaque and thick the stockings. Therefore, tights with a lower D are more sheer and thinner. Now you can easily choose one according to your needs. As for the size, it varies from one woman to another. Please note that this fall fashion piece can range from XS to XL.

Autumn fashion: How to wear tights?

How you wear tights largely depends on your style. For fans of the 90s, we recommend those of the brand Calzedonia. It is a basic of the feminine wardrobe. As a reminder, this fashion piece was very popular during the years 1999 and 2000. And since that is how the trend works, it is back in style this year as a fall fashion.

Do not hesitate to wear it to assert your femininity. For fall 2022-2023 fashion, Calzedonia tights allow the most daring to highlight the extravagant touch of your outfit It is the classic thread to be sublime all day and even at night. Whether you wear sequins or patterns, the most important thing is to dare to stand out.

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