his amazing technique to reproduce intimate scenes in the cinema

Audrey Fleurot: her amazing technique for reproducing intimate scenes on film (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

This Monday, October 10, 2022, TF1 broadcasts the end of its series of events, “Les combatantes”. In the cast we find Audrey Fleurot, who has enjoyed increasing success in recent years. However, initially, this acting career was not as obvious as it seems today. And for good reason: Audrey Fleurot suffers from a very specific disorder that could have prevented her from going further, but has become a strength, especially in playing intimate scenes.

In “HPI,” Audrey Fleurot plays the role of Morgane Alvaro, a high-intellectual mother recruited by the police as a crime scene consultant. In “Engrenages”, she played Joséphine Karlsson, a lawyer with a tumultuous daily life. With “Le Bazar de la Charité”, the actress lends her features to Adrienne De Lenverpré, a noblewoman trying to escape a forced marriage. And in “The Fighters,” Audrey Fleurot is Marguerite de Lancastel, a Parisian prostitute who has gone looking for her son. So many diverse and varied roles that make her a complete actress. And it must be said that she has come a long way. Because Audrey Fleurot has always suffered from myopia. A disorder that almost prevents him from achieving her dreams.

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“He wore glasses with thick lenses”

As a teenager, Audrey Fleurot has a complex. “It was very ugly, it fell into the columns of Gala in 2016. Since I am myopic, I wore glasses with thick lenses like the bottoms of bottles that made me have tiny eyes, two orthopedic devices, I weighed thirty kilos more and I embarked on unlikely things . hair research. Young Audrey sinks into her insecurities, but also into eating disorders. Like bulimia. So she first decides to bet everything on humor, to “have friends, be popular.”

At 16, he starts wearing contact lenses and ditches his glasses. It is the beginning of a new life. “He gave me the opportunity to do this job. I’m very nearsighted, so the first thing I do in the morning is look for my glasses. I think that would have limited me considerably in terms of roles”, estimated -elle in 2016 in an interview with the Ophthalmic Company. Thanks to her contact lenses, Audrey Fleurot was able to play many roles on the small and big screen: “Contact lenses are a great freedom. I have so much myopia that playing without anything is complicated. Or else, it’s a choice.”

Myopia at the service of intimate scenes

Because, yes, over time, Audrey Fleurot has learned to apprehend that myopia that has so often given her a complex, and even to use it in the exercise of her profession as an actress. What could be better than not seeing anything on a set to forget the pressure and all the attention around you? Audrey Fleurot found the solution: “Occasionally I take them off because it puts me in a blur that is very comfortable for cinema. It’s very practical. When you have a whole crew and you have to try to put yourself in a bubble, it allows me to forget a little to the people”.

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In 2020, when she was invited to the France 2 program “You will not get out of here”, the actress, who suffers from severe myopia, still assured her: “Without contact lenses, I could not have done this job.” “, and she went back to those scenes where she wants to take them off, the ones that are “a little complicated” to play, like the nudity scenes: “she puts me in a bubble, it’s great. We don’t see the cameras anymore, or the sound boom, or even the couple that’s there! It’s for certain scenes, especially emotional scenes, intimate scenes. It’s like a very diluted watercolor.” In these cases, Audrey Fleurot handles rehearsals with her lens and removes them during filming. “But it’s nothing systematic. You shouldn’t ask me to take an object. It’s also limiting anyway,” she still wants to clarify.

Happy to be able to get into a bubble during these sometimes difficult and difficult scenes to play, Audrey Fleurot managed to make this myopia an additional strength. “I refuse to undergo surgery in order to maintain this advantage,” she confided in the columns of Equipe Magazine.

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