his partner prosecuted for murder

On 06/11/2022 around 07:40, the gendarmerie operational center is informed that a man is seriously injured in Sainte-Rose and that the latter claims to have killed his wife.

Soldiers from the Sainte-Rose gendarmerie went to the scene and confirmed the presence in the bedroom of a house of a deceased woman, who had received several stab wounds to the heart. Two kitchen knives were discovered near her body. The defendant, who lived with the victim, received multiple stab wounds to her chest. He is transported to the hospital center of Saint-Denis.

The victim’s body is deposited at the Saint-Denis IML for an autopsy carried out on 07/11/2022, which specifies that of the 5 injuries received, four were fatal and compatible with the use of a knife-shaped object.

The first investigations establish that the couple had lived together for six years, and was currently going through a difficult time, considering a possible separation; there was no history of violence within this couple; the defendant was followed up in psychiatry at the hospital center of Saint Pierre, where he had made several stays, the last one in October 2022, a depressive episode is mentioned.

He was a municipal employee, currently on sick leave, much appreciated. The victim worked in a school for the benefit of young people with disabilities.

Defendant was taken into medical custody on November 6, 2022 at 3 pm; his custody was extended on November 7. During his hearings he admitted having stabbed him, his partner lying on the bed, and then leaving the house stabbing himself several times in the chest and having visited the neighbors so that they would call the emergency services, confiding that they had killed Your partner. . The reasons for his act are not clearly specified: depression, jealousy are mentioned elements.

The analyzes of alcohol and narcotics, both of the victim and the aggressor, are negative.

The Saint Denis prosecutor’s office today arrested an investigating judge on the charge of murder by the spouse or cohabitant and requested the preventive detention of the defendant. Given his state of health, these acts will take place through a judicial visit to the Saint Denis hospital center on the afternoon of November 8, by the deputy prosecutor in charge of the case, the investigating judge, the judge of liberties and detention and their clerks. In case of accusation and entry into pretrial detention, internment will be carried out under medical surveillance until possible integration into a penitentiary establishment with prior medical authorization.

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