“I can’t get over it”: Sheila reveals her great decision in the face of the brutal death of her son Ludovic

On July 8, 2017, Sheila discovered the unthinkable: the death of her only son, Ludovic Chancel, at the age of 42. An overdose took her son from her, how to survive such a tragedy? In the pages of the magazine. Galathe singer promoting her compilation best of 60th birthday and is on tour agrees to address this painful subject. Born on April 7, 1975, he is the product of her relationship with the singer Ringo (real name Guy Bayle), whom she married on February 13, 1973. With frankness and modesty, she returns to the child she was and to her ability to overcome the tragedy, while learning to live with it.

For those who were surprised to learn that Sheila sang a month after the sudden disappearance of her son, the singer explains it very simply: “He held me.Which is not to say that he has recovered, quite the opposite, but music has certainly eased his immense pain. The 77-year-old artist clearly proclaims her state of mind after the tragedy: “I can’t get over itShe also made a momentous decision:For the first time in my life, I saw a psychiatrist. It felt good to talk, even if it didn’t solve anything. I know that Ludo is sitting next to me and that he listens to me if I don’t say something stupid.

My son made his choices, lived his life

Ludovic is with her all the time. He will say that it was “a heart on the legs“, a “child love“. According to the interpreter of The school is over, he was”rolled in flour“Because he was too nice and fell for the wrong people. Adding to his bad associations are drugs and his whirlwind from which he couldn’t get out. As a mother, Sheila obviously suffered from enormous guilt. , but a doctor offered another view of the situation: “He explained to me that there was nothing I could do. That I had done my job raising him until he was 20 and that he was no longer responsible for his actions, his associations. My son made his decisions, he lived his life. Mine is to live with all that, even if it’s unbearable.

Sheila has to go on living, trying to figure out why she’s gone.”an adorable boy who plays the guitar like Thomas DutroncSinging on stage allows her to transcend pain, she who dedicated a song to her, pace horseon your drive come from another side. Her beloved son, who has been in a long-term relationship with controversial Sylvie Ortega Munos, leaves behind a daughter, Tara Rose, born in 2001.

Find the full interview in the magazine. Gala from October 6, 2022

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