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Last season, Yoric Ravet was one of the Grenoble Foot 38 locker room executives who had stabilized in Ligue 2 for five years. A year later, the attacking midfielder who worked for AS Saint-Étienne, Young Boys de Berne or SC Friborg became the star signing for ES Manival Saint-Ismier, resident in Régional 2. A big gap that the interested party he justifies with his desire to return to simple pleasures.

Hello Yoric! In his first home league match in the ES Manival jersey against Olympique Saint-Marcellin (4-0), he scored thanks to a corner kick and provided an assist. What were your feelings?
I went ! Right now, I’m having fun. I will even tell you that I have always played with that purpose because deep down that is what makes me even better. Among professionals, he also tries to give this pleasure to football fans. Of course, you have to try to be efficient, but that’s still football. For the inner corner, I usually try it from time to time. (Laughter.) I had already put one or two…

Why this change from L2 to R2 at only 33 years old?
I didn’t expect to play in R2 this season. With Grenoble they sent me an email five days before the restart to tell me that I was not invited to training, when I had signed a contract extension. It is a pill that is not easy to swallow, but it is. Afterwards, there are family reasons in this decision. I have three children and my goal was to stay in Grenoble because I am well established there. At my age, I don’t want to question everything. I think I did the most reasonable thing for my family.

You initiated a judicial process with the GF38. Can you tell us a little more?
I leave that in the hands of my lawyer. For my part, I can only say that I went to sign my contract and that we made the presentation videos and the photos with my daughters. They were all happy. And then finally you have to tell them that Dad is not going to play in Grenoble because they have banned it. In short, this type of method is not legitimate. It is too easy to offer contracts to everyone and in the end, choose according to the client’s head, say yes to one and no to another.

Is there any form of disappointment with this end of adventure with his training club?
Oh, that’s clear! This is not at all how I had imagined my career ending in Grenoble. I had seen the sequel and felt that I could still play at this level for a few more years. But they made a decision, that’s the way it is. There is disappointment, because I know I did not deserve this. Personally, my ambition was to help the club structure itself in training so that the youngsters from Grenoble could have the same career as Brice. (Maubleu, GF38 goalkeeper, Editor’s note) or could know. In Grenoble, apart from the U17s, there is not much in the club. A conversion to the club I would have liked. Pity.

With 5 goals and 5 assists in 25 games in the GF38, you were the top scorer and assists in the GF38 last season. Have you turned down specific offers from clubs in France or abroad?
There were proposals, but nothing concrete like Grenoble did. My goal was not to go abroad again because that meant going alone and leaving my family here. I simply wanted to end up in Grenoble.

“I don’t want to make sixty terminals to play on N1 or N2… Today I have a family life, I think differently. I had a great career, I took advantage of it, but at some point, you must not be selfish and think of others. »

He played in Ligue 1, in the Swiss Super League and even in the Bundesliga. Did your brother Julien, also in Manival, convince you to come play with him?
No, I would have preferred not to come to Manival and continue my professional career. That said, my career is not over yet, you never know what the future holds. But in this case, I made the decision to play close to home. I live next to the stadium, I don’t want to make sixty terminals to play in N1 or N2… Today I have a family life, I think differently. I had a great career, I took advantage of it, but at some point, you must not be selfish and think of others.

So did your preseason prep stay serious, or was it more like a chipolata-merguez vacation around the barbecue?
(Laughter.) No, I held on well because I wanted to try to recover. There was always that pride. As soon as I understood that I was not going to return to Grenoble, I called my best friend who is a physical trainer. For a great month, I trained alone with him before deciding to go to Manival. I trained there and saw that it was going very well, so I got my license for the season. We have two practices a week and a game on the weekend. Now if a club calls me, I like the offer and they tell me that I have to train every day, I will train every day. It is not in the space of three months that we lose everything, and the technique does not disappear. I adapt to the level I’m at. At the same time, I seek to pass my coaching diplomas because I have to pass on what I have been able to experience and do in my career.

What did you expect when you landed in this amateur championship?
It was new, I never knew it. As soon as I finished my national training of 18 years, I signed my first professional contract at GF38 and hardly ever went through the CFA. But really, I enjoy it! it’s real life. I share the locker room with guys who get up and go to work all day to kick back with a ball at night. It’s completely different from professional football, where three-quarters of the time the guys are assisted. They are brushed in the direction of the hair and should only be focused on the floor. Afterwards, there is a reason for this, because we are trying to optimize the performance of the player. But personally, I think we’ve entered a system where young people’s shoes are too easily polished.

“I would like to achieve the best championship possible and why not take Manival to R1, a level that the club has never reached in its history. It is a great challenge! »

Do you feel that your opponents are watching you more because you are Yoric Ravet?
(He thinks.) Yes, let’s say it’s normal. But I see football as a green rectangle where I want to enjoy myself to the fullest. If I can help the youngsters and win the games, I will do everything for it. I’m still a competitor despite everything. The brainwashing of the opponents, I don’t care. I know where I come from, and maybe they know where I come from too. Anyway, that’s not what scares me.

What goals have you set for yourself this season on a collective and individual level?
Goals and assists, I’ll be honest with you, I really don’t give a shit. Collectively though, I would like to achieve the best championship possible and why not take Manival to R1, a level the club has never reached in its history. It is a great challenge! I’m even thinking about what to do next because I think Manival can be structured even better to be one of the clubs that weigh in Isère football.

Antoine Donnarieix interview, in Saint-Ismier

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