“I never saw that.” Film the Primark in Strasbourg with hundreds of garments on the floor: what happened?

In a video uploaded this week to Twitter and TikTok, the shelf on the first floor of the Primark in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) appears upside down (©Twitter screenshot)

Clothes on the floor or stacked on shelves full to bursting, this is what a shared video shows, this week, in tik tok Y Twitterfrom the first floor of the sign Primark, in Strasbourg (Bas Rhin). It would have been filmed on October 3.

This Friday we were able to verify when we were there that the section in question is tidy again: the colorful pajamas are folded and tidy as if nothing had happened. By the way, some customers refer to images seen on the Internet.

“I’ve never seen that”

Two students who have just arrived in Strasbourg point to the driveway, laughing. “Have you seen the video?” they ask each other. “I’ve never seen that,” the other replies. Although she “hasn’t been to many different Primarks”, the video resonated with her.


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In the reactions, some tiktokeurs express their support for the employees who will have to store the department in question. “Look how stupid people are,” the person filming is heard commenting.

On the first floor of the giant fast fashion, more than ten employees equipped with headsets and in the colors of the store are busy arranging the shelves. None will agree to answer us, but everyone who approaches confirms having seen or heard of the video.

The brand “victim of its own success”

In response, a spokesperson for the brand, contacted by us, first wanted to apologize to their customers. “The reported images are not up to our standards,” he said. “Customer experience is one of our obsessions […]our teams often go to great lengths to keep the racks in a nice state,” he continues.

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After consulting with the store manager, she explains that on that day, the brand was a “victim of its own success.” There was a large turnout from Germany, where October 3 is a public holiday. The establishment would have been “surprised by a very punctual increase in activity.”

Even messy, customers will come back

Salma* and her son walk down the alley in question. “It’s never super neat, but you’re always there,” she explains. For the mother of a family, her unbeatable prices always push her to buy her clothes again at Primark. “We have to change them every year, so if we can save money, we do it,” she explains, keeping an eye on her son.

Aline is not used to coming to the store. What impresses her is the amount of clothes that she offers: “I’m not surprised that everything is not in order, I don’t care, it’s not expensive.”

NB: We tried to contact the person behind the video, to no avail.

*The name has been changed.

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