“I only saw death”: William Shatner was traumatized by his trip to space

Former Star Trek star actor William Shatner went into space aboard a Blue Origin capsule for a few minutes. A year after this experience, he gave himself up and the experience was terribly sad for him.

Captain Kirk has flown back and forth in space. The trip made headlines in late 2021: famed Star Trek sci-fi franchise actor William Shatner then boarded a Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos company) capsule. A year later, he trusts his work Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Wonder and Awe. Variety magazine published an excerpt in early October.

But what you imagine about his testimony probably does not correspond to what he says: ” Everything I imagined was wrong. Everything I thought I saw was wrong “, admits himself.

William Shatner in the Blue Origin capsule. // Source: blue origin

“Overwhelming sadness”

Returning to deep space, William Shatner describes a ” cold, dark and black void “. In complete contrast to our planet.” It was different from the black you can perceive on Earth. It was deep, enveloping, encompassing. “, he explains. ” I turned toward the glow of our home. I could distinguish the curvature of the Earth, the beige of the desert, the white of the clouds and the blue of the sky. it was life. Nurturing, sustaining, life. Mother Earth. Gaya. And I left her. This is what leads him to this terrible conclusion when looking at space: I only saw death. »

He obviously thought of experiencing the opposite feeling. He imagined that seeing the Earth from space would give him a kind of ultimate catharsis highlighting the connection between all living things. It was the opposite. ” It was one of the strongest feelings of pain I have ever encountered. The contrast between the dangerous cold of space and the warm cocoon of Earth filled me with overwhelming sadness. »

William Shatner and the other travelers in the Blue Origin capsule.  // Source: blue origin
William Shatner and the other travelers in the Blue Origin capsule. // Source: blue origin

Then think of all the ecological disasters that affect the planet: the extinction of many species, the threats to fauna and flora, all due to human activities. ” It filled me with dread. My space trip was meant to be a celebration; instead it looked like a funeral says William Shatner.

The emotion described by the actor is well known and has already touched several astronauts: the feeling of standing out or overall effect. After viewing the planet from afar, from space, it appears to be a rare and fragile pale blue dot. This then increases the ecological aspect.

look at the world from space

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