“Icon of the seas”: Even at $94,000 a ticket, the world’s largest future ocean liner is already sold out

Royal Caribbean International announced that it was already sold out, just two weeks after sales opened. Environmentalists denounce the carbon footprint of this unbuilt transatlantic that will set sail in 2024.

Less than a month after the opening of sales to participate in your inaugural cruise in 2024“Icon of the seas”, the world’s largest ocean liner, full poster.

Up to $94,000 per ticket

The sales manager of the company. royal Caribbean International, announced in an interview with Travel Weekly that all tickets for the liner’s first crossing had sold out. He added that the company had seen “the most bookings we’ve ever had for a new ship triple.”

If the first prize for a place aboard the Icon of the seas starts at €1,000, depending on the options between the 28 types of cabins offeredthey went up to €94,000. This is the case for a trip to “the ultimate family suite,” a three-story cabin with its own mailbox!

The “icon of the seas” is not yet built!

This gigantic, record-breaking project continues under construction in Finlandand will not be delivered before end of 2023. can accommodate up to 7,500 passengers and aspires to become the largest water park at sea. Eventually, it will offer travelers 7 pools And more water slides Everything will work thanks to more than 2,000 crew.

While it won’t carry as many passengers as the “Wonder of the Seas,” also owned by Royal Caribbean International, it will be three meters longer.

A “cleaner” fuel

The engine of this giant will run at LNG (Liquefied natural gas), remember RTL. Fanny Pointet, responsible for maritime transport in France for the NGO Transport and Environment, mentioned on Luxembourg radio that it is one of the “cleanest” fuels developed. She points out in particular the almost total reduction in emissions sulfur oxide or reduction, to 25%, since CO2 emissions.

On the other hand, she warns : if it is good that this fuel is less polluting than the others, it is still a fuel “in climate terms it is bad, in terms of energy security it is bad”.

That is not an icon of the seas. https://t.co/XsRVtQxhfu

“Alex Halle?” (@NBPTROCKS) November 5, 2022

The ocean liner is still worried about his ecological impact. the ship of 280,000 tons It will require a significant amount of non-natural materials for its construction, Internet users worry on Twitter.

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