In Brazil, the concern of Lula’s camp, for whom the presidential campaign has become a crossroads

Smiling face on a red background, his figure dominates the Plaza General-Glicério, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. There, Lula’s image is omnipresent and is displayed on giant billboards on the balconies of buildings. These places are the beating heart of the Laranjeiras neighborhood, bastion of the bobo carioca left. Every Saturday morning, in the shade of tropical trees, a small market is held here. We find hats with the colors of the Cuban flag or those of the Brazilian Landless, and a number of vermilion soccer jerseys with the number 13: that of the Workers’ Party (PT).

Saturday October 8, a small troop of supporters of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva drives in favor of their champion. In front of passers-by, they look good. But as soon as he turns around, the faces darken. Alexandra Aguiar admits not having “not yet digested” the results of the first round of the presidential elections on October 2. With 48.4% of the votes, the left certainly surpassed the extreme right of Jair Bolsonaro, with 43.2%. But much less than the polls predicted.

“Bolsonaro can win”

“For me, it’s already a defeat”says this 41-year-old teacher. “We are very worried. Bolsonaro can win. My husband even talks about going to Portugal in case of defeat…”, she continues, her gaze heavy.

Beside him, Waldeck Carneiro, a socialist deputy to the Rio State Assembly, also frowns: “This result was a shock and a disappointment. The strength of Bolsonarism has been underestimated. Hate, violence and obscurantism are now well anchored in one part of society”, deplores this Francophile who roams the countryside wearing a cap decorated with an Eiffel Tower on his head.

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Among the Lullists, time is of concern. The campaign has become a Via Crucis and the polls are not reassuring. The latest survey by the Datafolha institute, published on October 7, gave Lula 53% of the voting intentions for the second round on October 30, compared to 58% the previous week. More worrying still: distrust in the PT is growing and 46% of voters now say they will not vote ” Never “ for Lula, almost as much as those who reject Jair Bolsonaro (51%).

Officially, on the side of the PT, everything would be fine. “We won the first round! », wishes to remember Wellington Dias, senator for the party in the state of Piauí (Northeast) and coordinator of Lula’s campaign. With 57 million votes, the former worker “he got an excellent score and only came within a point and a half of victory in the first round. Our movement emerges stronger and with more enthusiasm than ever from this first stage”, ensures.

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