In Brive (Corrèze), a card game to explain global warming to children

Although the members of the municipal youth council are well aware of the global warming that is affecting the planet, it is not easy to grasp all the nuances.

The workshop offered on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, around a game called “Fresco Climático”, allowed them to take ownership of a complex topic.

The melting of sea ice does not have the same effects as that of the ice sheet; a heat wave and a drought do not necessarily occur at the same time; Turning on the air conditioning when it is very hot can accentuate global warming… All these topics were discussed in a fun way, with the help of Sophie Marcucci, from the Zéro déchet Brive association.

A game developed by a climate change specialist

He received training, in his professional environment, on this game, developed by Cédric Ringenbach, a specialist in climate change since 2009.

The use of maps that illustrate topics such as the use of fossil fuels, carbon emissions, the greenhouse effect, the water cycle, etc. allows to relate causes and consequences.

Sophie Marcucci, from the Zero Déchet Brive association, explained complex notions related to global warming.

If the version for adults has 42 cards, the one for children (level CM1, CM2) has been simplified, but remains based on scientific reports and reports from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Know the problems before taking action

On a large sheet of paper, create a weather fresco, the maps are linked by arrows, to illustrate the link between different phenomena.

“Chaque fresque est différente selon les groupses, assure Sophie Marcucci, que aborde des notions comme les réfugiés climatiques, la biodiversity ou les méfaits d’une surconsommation de viande. En manipulant des phénomènes physiques, on appréhende mieux les enjeux et on peut agir, take action.”

Good thing: the municipal youth council wants to make its proposals.

The municipal children’s council of Brive (Corrèze) works on the concept of school streets (January 2022)

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