In Sweden, waiting for a government, the extreme right polarizes

Almost a month after the general elections of September 11, Sweden is still looking for a government. Having emerged victorious from the polls, the conservative liberal right and the extreme right are negotiating in the greatest secrecy. While waiting to reach an agreement, the four parties that make up the new majority have already shared several key positions in Parliament. Among the most controversial appointments, that of Richard Jomshof, secretary of the nationalist party of the Sweden Democrats (SD), chosen to chair the justice committee.

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A member of the SD since 1999, this 53-year-old former teacher, close to Jimmie Akesson, the party’s leader, became known for his incendiary positions on Islam in particular, a religion “abominable” how is she “predominantly performed in the Muslim world” Y “worse than Christianity in every way”. It mixes frequently “Islamic” Y “islamism”also referred to as “anti-democratic, violent and misogynistic religion/ideology”in a tweet, the 1Ahem october.

For Richard Jomshof, his appointment is nothing less than a ” milestone “ in the history of his party. In Sweden, he sparked a new debate within an intelligentsia that has been constantly divided in tweets and editorials since 9/11 between a group that sees the progress of the SD and its alliance with the right. “threat to democracy” and the others, who on the contrary defend the rapprochement with this movement, in the name of this same democracy. Two fields that today seem irreconcilable.

No rally after SD score

After the elections, those who, identifying with the left, the center and even the liberal party, had warned against the demonization of the SD by the right seemed dumbstruck. As if they had never believed that the victory of the right-wing bloc was possible. In September 2010, more than 10,000 people demonstrated in Stockholm to protest against the entry of the extreme right into Parliament. This year, the historical marker of the SD did not cause any rally.

As the days went by, the editorialists of the main newspapers took up their pens to denounce “illiberalism” of the SD, which fits, as the liberal newspaper reminds us Dagens Nyheter after the victory of Georgia Meloni’s post-fascist party in Italy, “in a wider movement” In Europe. The newspaper rebels against the conservative party, which pretends to ignore it and describes “Increasingly often the SD as a formation among others”.

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