incorrect information for the potential buyer of the Greens?

Zapping goal! Football club AS Saint-Etienne: Batlles, a good option for the Greens?

Last night, we revealed a rumor reporting discussions between ASSE shareholders and a US buyer. This Thursday, Poteaux Carrés says more about the candidate. This is Blockapital, a player in real estate investment by tokenization, which would like to raise 100 million euros to buy ASSE, through 1 million tokens of 100 euros.

“This fundraising is scheduled until the end of December 2022 and should allow the redemption of shares, the payment of debt, investment in the transfer market, cash, management of the training center and women…”, announces the site, which understands that Blockapital would come wanting to trade.

The players who left this summer would continue to be among the assets of the ASSE

But that is not all. Indeed, Poteaux Carrés maintains that the American investor built his file on erroneous information… “We could read there that the Saint-Etienne squad had many assets inside such as Harold Moukoudi, valued at €10M (and he went to €0 this summer ), Adil Aouchiche, valued at €7M (and left for €0 this summer), Arnaud Nordin, valued at €9M (and left this summer at the end of his contract), Denis Bouanga, valued at €12M (and sold this summer for 3 times less), Yvan Neyou, valued at €7M (and transferred without OA to the last of the Spanish D2).These data are actually those of the document that ASSE had sent to potential investors last year and that, therefore, it would not have been updated. Except that the club has since been relegated to L2. This makes other information obsolete, including the following: “Despite COVID, ASSE maintains its growth strategy and goals for 2021/22 ”, and “Today, ASSE regularly participates in European competitions ”. Which is likely to be complicated by being on L2… and challenging potential investors.

To sum up

Poteaux Carrés maintains that the American investor has built his dossier on misinformation, in particular on active players who have left the club. According to our information, these data are actually those of the document that ASSE sent to potential investors last year…

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