Influencer, is this new profession really profitable?

This work makes you dream, talk and also intrigues. L’instant Lifestyle went to meet Yasmin, founder of the Efluenz agency in Belgium, an agency specializing in the influencer profession.

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While the Booba-Magali Berdah affair has shaken the web for several months, the “Complément d’Enquête” program on the influencer business broadcast on Sunday night broke an unexpected audience record for France Televisions: 372,000 views in 24 hours. hours.

Prove if necessary that the influencer profession still raises many questions today. Because influencers are everywhere: between two stories of your friends on Instagram, on YouTube, on Tik Tok, etc. Without even necessarily realizing it, you deal with it every day. For critics of this profession, it is a “fake profession” that only wants to promote appearance and where scammers abound. For Booba, who has been chasing fraudulent influencers on social networks since 2021 and who launched the hashtag #influvoleurs in particular, they are even real scammers: “Beyond not having talent, they promote a culture of emptiness, weakness and not pay their taxes in France, they deceive citizens – especially teenagers – by selling them crap,” the rapper confided to the Liberation newspaper.

A real job?

Fortunately, not everyone is like that. And if influencers from reality shows very often contaminate this profession, the influencer or rather the content creator, as those interested often like to remember, has become a profession in its own right. It belongs to this new category of professions that appeared with the advent of digital technology and in particular of social networks, as confirmed by Yasmin Vantuykom from the Efluenz agency and specialized in the profession of influencers: “it is no longer just winning – bread it is a real job for some.” A job that seems so easy that it makes more than one dream, starting with the little ones: publish your life daily in stories, almost everyone thinks they can do it, but we usually skip the reverse decoration. Drinking free rosé, going out to eat, traveling to the other side of the world, receiving products, it is certainly tempting, but not everything is done in the blink of an eye. It’s about standing out, offering original and relevant content, and responding to customer requests.

A profitable business?

But what about the pay? Can you really make a better living than an accountant or a lawyer, as a study by Adobe in the UK recently revealed? Our expert specifies from the outset: “it is extremely difficult to say and random, the remuneration of an influencer will depend on many criteria”. She explains to us that the number of subscribers is far from the only indicator that allows her to win a small jackpot. “You also have to take into account the engagement rate, the format offered and the type of influencer niche.” Specifically, an influencer who has 5,000 subscribers could even earn more money than an influencer who has 10,000 if their engagement rate is higher: “In Belgium, the average engagement rate on Instagram is 3.2%”, specifies our expert. . “A brand will prefer to collaborate with an influencer who has an engagement rate of around 10%, even if they only have 5,000 followers, than with an influencer who has 10,000 followers but whose engagement rate does not exceed 1%. »

As for the influencer niche, it’s just as arbitrary. If a niche is saturated, the influencer has every interest in standing out in the hope of negotiating their partnership well. Yasmin cites this example: “An influencer specialized in eco-responsibility, even if he only has 2,000 followers, can charge the same prices as a fashion influencer with 20,000 followers”.

The influencer market has never been so devastated, the pandemic has seen the birth of neo-influencers of all kinds. As Yasmin points out, you don’t become an influencer overnight, you have to keep many criteria in mind and constantly adapt to the market and seasonal fluctuations. Because here again one last criterion must be taken into account: “An influencer can be very expensive overnight because a single alliance can make it take off and make it gain visibility”.

How much do influencers really earn?

As you may have understood, in this business nothing is predictable. We interviewed several influencers to find out the prices they were asking for. Inevitably, in this still hesitant business, no one dares to respond in a fully transparent way, but prices have skyrocketed in just a few years, as Yasmin confirms: “Four years ago, we averaged €60 for a story and €120 and for a post. Today, the range is more between €250 and €500 per story and between €500 and €1,000 per publication. Beyond 10,000 subscribers, we do not go below €1,000 per post as long as there is a good engagement rate.” Enough to make a lot of money? Not so sure.

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