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This Monday, November 7, 2022, the 17th season of Love is in the meadow took stock on M6. The opportunity for viewers to find Sébastien le Corse, alone, facing Karine Le Marchand. The pig farmer is no longer with Léa, his suitor from Alsace. But his story raised a lot of questions on Twitter.

The results of the 17th season of Love is in the meadow were broadcast this Monday, November 7, 2022 on M6. Viewers have finally discovered the outcome of the idylls, starting with the couple Guillaume (Le Limousin) and Noémie. The one who used to always end up in the “friend zone” with the girls had ended up opening his heart to the pretty ch’ti. And there were two, that the lovebirds went to Paris to take stock of their meeting, to the great relief of Karine Le Marchand. Despite the clumsiness of the rookie breeder in love, their relationship seems to be building little by little. “I love you” are now exchanged, and Guillaume even openly dreams of seeing her beautiful move in with him a year from now.

This evaluation was also an opportunity for Noémie to address her lack of self-confidence. The one who weighed 30kg more before she was 17, suffered bullying: “They undressed me in the playground, they cut my hair to such an extent that I didn’t want to go to school anymore”. Confidences that moved the viewers, just like those of Guillaume who still finds it hard to believe that a woman like Noémie could have chosen him.

The same cannot be said of Sébastien’s revelations, the second face of the season to take stock of his affair with Karine Le Marchand. Arriving alone in Paris, the Corsican pig farmer quickly announced that he was separated from Léa, with whom, however, he had begun a promising romantic relationship. Once the young woman left home, he decided not to join her in Alsace. Sébastien would have realized that the young woman was not made for him… On Twitter, the astonishment was palpable. Especially since Corsica’s explanations for this reversal of the situation were very vague. “I called her, I said ‘she’s not going to do it, I don’t have the feeling that she’s going to say that she’s going to go further,'” he was content to detail.

“The guy clearly chose Léa and then found something better”

After making him aware of his “rustic” side with his other suitor Perrine and his “nurse” attitude with the fragile Léa, Karine Le Marchand asked him to draw a new portrait of his ideal woman. And that’s when Sébastien decided to announce that he had, in fact, already found her. For two/three months, the breeder has been making perfect love with a certain Charlène. A “very pretty” worker in full childhood, whom he would have met during a friend’s move, and who would correspond to all her criteria. So much so that the couple would already be looking for a flat to live together.

Sébastien’s happiness delighted Karine Le Marchand, but made people cringe on Twitter. If the breeder explained that he met Charlène just after ending his relationship with Léa, some tweeters expressed some doubts: according to them, Sébastien would have in fact started a parallel relationship or would have fallen in love with Charlène while he was still in contact with his partner. Alsatian pretender. Are suspicions of him justified? The question may remain unanswered. But one thing is for sure: Léa must have fallen from a height when she discovered these revelations…

Video. Discover the portrait of Karine Le Marchand

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