iPhone 14 Plus review: The device I’d pick for mobile gaming

It’s no secret to regulars weighs at the beginning: I have an obsession, sometimes unhealthy, with mobile games. Whether they’re designed with verve and flair, or downright silly, I love them. Yes, even those with disgusting microtransactions.

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It is to nurture this love that I am always on the quest to find the perfect device. It is true that most smart devices are suitable for the gaming mobile, but I think I finally found “the right one” with the iPhone 14 Plus. At least, the time of a generation.

A good big screen

Courtesy of Apple

The iPhone 14 Plus has a 6.7” screen, a resolution of 2778 x 1284 pixels at 458ppi and a height of 160.8mm.

It’s big, but not bulky or hard to hold. I’ve never found a comfortable position with the iPad or iPad Mini, so the 14 Plus is definitely better.

Colors are rich and vibrant and the oleophobic coating means fewer fingerprints remain on the screen. This is useful when playing a game like mom cooking, where you have to press and swipe quickly to cook little virtual recipes. It’s not perfect, and I still had to clean my screen several times during my test, but much less than usual.

The Cooking Mama game, available on Apple Arcade

Courtesy of Apple Arcade

The Cooking Mama game, available on Apple Arcade

Light and difficult to heat.

Courtesy of Apple

Something that annoys me with my everyday device is that my little finger is always used to hold it so it doesn’t slide down due to its weight. So I often have pain at the end of the night. gaming or a day when I have to take a lot of notes.

At 203g, the Plus weighs less than the Pro Max, which weighs in at 260g. It may seem trivial, but a lighter phone is advantageous when gaming, especially when it comes to accuracy.

And what to say about the temperature: I often had to leave devices that got too hot in a short time. The Plus never got hot during my test, after a full day with very few breaks.

In two days, I didn’t have to plug in the device to recharge the battery. My test ended in the early hours of the morning, so I ran the device for a long time. Obviously, the life of a battery changes over time, but here we go.

A surprisingly immersive experience

A big surprise for me was the quality of the sound coming out of the device. Like many users, I often use headphones with my smartphones, but I left my buds aside during my test, just to see. And the sound of the iPhone 14 Plus is downright amazing. With the “on the carpet” sound, it really does sound like a small speaker.

It greatly contributes to the immersion when playing a game, especially with the Apple Arcade catalog which offers great titles like Gray, a fantastic game where every noise deserves to be heard perfectly. Not all mobile games have great soundtracks, but cheesy sound effects are part of the experience!

It’s worth it?

According to the retailer, the base iPhone 14 Plus costs $1,249 in Canada. The Pro is $1,399 and the Pro Max is $1,549. It really comes down to price, as the Plus is a bit of a “budget” version of the Pro Max. Of course, it comes with some important differences. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 48MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide angle and a 12MP telephoto camera. Instead, the Plus offers a 12MP dual-camera system. Click here if you want to compare all the features, because they are not negligible.

Therefore, photography enthusiasts should be more attracted to the Pro Max. But for someone who uses their device to play games, snap some family photos, do TikToks, and surf the web, the Plus is a great pick in the “big phone” category. We’re still talking about a $300 difference from the Max; this is nothing.

I wanted a nice big phone to play my little games on, but wasn’t really interested in all the goodies (and price!) of the Pro Max. For everything it offers, I would choose the iPhone Plus.

The iPhone 14 Plus launches on October 7, 2022.


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