Is Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot) really dead in the series finale?

Many scarves must have been worn by TF1 viewers this Monday, October 10… The private channel offered the final chapter of its series the fighters, after four weeks of broadcast. For the record, this historical saga plunges us into the heart of World War I, in the small town of Saint-Paullin. This is where the destinies of four women intersect, who will become heroines: Mother Agnès, played by Julie de Bona, a nun whose faith will be shaken; Suzanne aka Camille Lou, a wanted nurse after a clandestine abortion gone wrong; Caroline, played by Sofia Essaïdi, forced to take over the family business after the march to the front and then the death of her husband; and Marguerite, played by Audrey Fleurot, a prostitute who comes to Saint-Paullin to find the traces of her son…

Mother Agnès confronts Vautran, Suzanne finds Joseph, Caroline flees…

Throughout the episodes, the fates of the four women will cross (or rather cross again in the case of Caroline and Marguerite) in this small Vosges village threatened by the Germans. And this Monday, October 10, marks the epilogue of each of them. Thus, Mother Agnès will confront Father Vautrin (terribly played by Laurent Gerra), after discovering his actions on the nuns of the convent. For her part, Suzanne will remain in the convent with Joseph (Tom Leeb, whose character finally managed to get ahead), with whom she glimpses a beautiful love story. Caroline, for her part, runs away with her stepmother (Sandrine Bonnaire) and her daughter. Marguerite’s fate remains…

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the fighters (TF1): Is Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot) really dead in the series finale?

In the final episode of the evening, the latter will go to the front, where her son Colin de Régnier (Maxence Danet-Fauvel) is mobilized. In the act, the extravagant redhead will come face to face with many corpses and will finally end up finding her son, wounded, lying in a river. As she reaches out to save him, her Marguerite takes a bullet and collapses… While she is dying, she reaches out her hand to her son, in a particularly moving scene. Found later by her paramedics, she is taken away for treatment. Did she succumb to her injuries or were Joseph and Suzanne able to save her? The debate broke out in the newsroom, where two journalists imagined that she was doing well. Another raised a point: the distance that separates the front of the convent where the doctors are, added to the fact that medicine, at the time, did not allow the same miracles as today, leaves little hope for Marguerite’s survival.

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