“It is an act of terror and a massacre of the Ukrainian people”

The missile opened up the children’s playground and dug a deep crater in the early morning of Monday, October 10. Alina is a regular at the place, she often comes with her grandchildren and is in a state of shock. “I live next door, 500 meters away. This morning I heard a huge explosion, and what terrifies me is that just yesterday I took my two-year-old granddaughter to this park.“, she says. These new bombings make her angry: “The situation is really bad, our city was attacked by the terrorists Russian.”

“People are dying, they are civilians. It is an act of terror and a massacre of the Ukrainian people.”

The park was literally swept away by this explosion. A slide is in pieces. A scene of chaos, in the heart of an exclusive neighborhood of the Ukrainian capital. “The windows of my apartment shook very strongly, and here everything flew out“, notices Volodymyr, a resident of the neighborhood, who took advantage of a moment of respite to come closer to see the damage. “There are no military targets around us, there are only two museums and this children’s park. It’s just a show for your people, telling them ‘look, we hit a NATO base’. But look what they bombed, it’s a playground, He insists. The world understood that we were dealing with terrorist monsters.

As Volodymyr speaks, sirens wail across the city, “start again“, he says. Sirens remind us that Kyiv, saved for weeks, is still in danger. Terrified inhabitants quickly run for shelter. The city’s mayor Vitali Klitschko also got to see the damage from this Russian attack. When he leaves the park, his face is closed. “The Russian attack on Kyiv is the longest we have experienced, it lasted almost five hours“, he said gravely.

The shelling left a large crater in this Kyiv playground on Oct. 11, 2022. (JEREMY TUIL/FRANCE RADIO)

It is a great tragedy. Russia’s goal is to break the morale of our the citizens. The Russians do not fight against military forces, they want to kill civilians. Putin wants Ukraine without Ukrainians“, he adds with determination. A determination that has not been broken by this massive attack on the capital. The inhabitants have learned to live with the Russian threat.

In Kyiv, a children’s playground affected by Russian bombing: the report by Omar Ouahmane and Jérémy Tuil


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