“It’s over !” : Raphaël Glucksmann, Léa Salamé’s partner, makes a radical decision

On the program C Politique, Sunday October 9, 2022, Raphaël Glucksmann, partner of Léa Salamé, announced that he had made a difficult decision to stay in tune with his political commitments and values.

Raphaël Glusksmann is a committed man and he has shown it again. on the set of Policy CSunday, October 9, 2022, Léa Salamé’s partner explained the heavy heart he had for, little by little, draw a line on paris st germainhis heart club since his childhood. The reason: Qatar. He was questioned about the numerous calls to boycott the World Cup to be held in the country between November 20 and December 18, 2022. As a reminder, Qatar is the country that owns the Parisian club. “You no longer watch PSG matches, you no longer go to the World Cup, you no longer go to the Parc des Princes?Thomas Snégaroff questioned.

I am not going to lie. I haven’t stopped watching PSG games completely, but it’s a permanent problem for me.entrusted the co-founder of the Études Sans Frontières association. This is my boyhood club. I always dreamed of PSG having the best players in the world, even when we were fighting to avoid relegation. We said to ourselves: ‘One day, maybe, we’ll have a super strong team.’ And the, I can’t be a fan anymore, it’s over“He can’t close his eyes anymore even though he admits it’s nice to watch PSG play football. His political commitments and his values ​​take over from his love of this sport. “They recruit Messi, thing, all that, ok. What do you want me to do, say he’s great, thanks? This puts me in a completely strange situation.“, he continued.

Raphaël Glucksmann does not call for a boycott of the Qatar World Cup

Despite everything, he does not call for a boycott of the World Cup because he himself assures that he will not be able to miss the games. He prefers to be honest. “I’m not going to say I’m not going to watch a game, that’s not true. ‘Cause I feel like I won’t last“He also thinks about the players who have been preparing for this competition for years. He doesn’t want to penalize them. According to him, they are not responsible for the decisions that FIFA makes.”We cannot impose on footballers the responsibilities that the leaders do not assume. The soccer players, they play soccer..”

Today he believes that important organizations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) or FIFA should be fought against. According to him, there is too much corruption inside. “There are known to be histories of corruption in the adjudication of these official competitions“, launched the MEP without taking off his gloves. Statements that should not please the main stakeholders. Meanwhile, Qatar continues to be attacked from all sides for the way in which the sports competition has been organized.

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