Japanese Grand Prix – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) suspended, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) finally champion

This time, the bets are off. Authoritative winner of a Japanese Grand Prix heavily interrupted by rain and shortened to just forty minutes of racing, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won his second Formula 1 world title this Sunday. Never threatened at the Suzuka justice of the peace, the The Dutchman won ahead of the car brother of Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) and his rival Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) was penalized with five seconds for having crushed the Mexican on the last lap.

Japanese Grand Prix

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The show was going to be spectacular. Two drivers (Verstappen and Leclerc) at the top of their careers. A mythical and especially demanding circuit as a playground and, as if that were not enough, difficult weather conditions often synonymous with a great show on the track. But while everyone waited for the explanation between the two strong men of the 2022 Formula 1 championship, the Japanese Grand Prix sank into parody as soon as the lights went out of this eighteenth meeting of the season.

Two hours of interruption and a late coronation

Interrupted at the end of the second lap under a red flag after the violent exit of the track by Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and the incident of Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) that followed (the Frenchman crashed into a billboard brought back onto the track by the Ferrari del español), the Japanese Grand Prix did not resume until almost two hours later without the weather conditions requiring such a degree of caution. Meanwhile, the race management had already pointed out his clumsiness in authorizing the intervention of a lifting device on the track when all the cars had not yet returned to the pit lane.

Poor Pierre Gasly, who reached more than 250 km/h in the zone, does not want to forget the one who had seen, in similar circumstances, his compatriot Jules Bianchi commit suicide in Suzuka in 2014. He finally revived after three new laps behind the safety car, the race offered a more boring spectacle than expected, the early drying of the track allowed the drivers to quickly switch to intermediate tyres. As always, the race management had waited too long to send the cars back on track.

Japanese Grand Prix

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Japanese Grand Prix

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