Jean-Jacques Goldman separated from Catherine Morlet: what did he do so that his partner did not suffer

Jean-Jacques Goldman, star of the song and… of discretion! At 71, the age he turns on October 11, 2022, the genius performer and songwriter has been able to chart his course in the music industry without exposing himself. The man is now married to Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, born in 1979, whom he met when she was a math student and a fan of his. They have three children – Maya (2004), Kimi (2005) and Rose (2007) – and live in Marseille, after having lived for years in London. Before this relationship, the singer had a relationship with the psychologist Catherine Morlet, mother of his first three children. In the book All it takes is a sign written by his childhood friend Jean Bender, we learned how the artist had managed their relationship to preserve it.

All it takes is a sign is the song released in 1981 that marks the beginning of Jean-Jacques Goldman’s success. Here he is propelled to the front of the stage. In his private life, at that time he was married for six years to Catherine Morlet. Jean Bender, interviewed by Tele-Leisure for the launch of his book, remember this time: “It really separated his family life and his star life. And she didn’t want it mixed up! He always wanted to put that barrier between Jean-Jacques and Goldman. And stay Jean-Jacques for his family and friends. Success meant that he wasn’t home often, but he tried to be as much as possible: as soon as he did a show or a concert, he came right back..”

Despite his popularity, Jean-Jacques Goldman had remained the same man and only had eyes for the one he had known since childhood because his parents were friends. He was far from the stereotype of the celebrity that connects the flirtations: “It seemed strange to us: he was already an adult when he was a teenager.Her boyfriend adds that in retrospect, he understands his great friend’s attitude: “When you don’t need to multiply meetings it’s because you already know yourself well.“Despite all his involvement and energy, he was not able to dedicate himself to his family as he would have liked. After his remarriage with Nathalie twenty years ago, he tried to offer more time to his loved ones.

The couple between the interpreter of Like you and Catherine Morlet were parents three times: Caroline, born in 1975 and who followed in her mother’s professional footsteps, Michael, born in 1979 and co-founder of the My Major Company label, and Nina, born in 1985 who chose to be a pediatrician. Some explain the end of their love story by the immense success of the artist, in great demand in France and beyond. “He suffered a lot for having sacrificed his first family life on the altar of his career.“, explained Jean-Pierre Pasqualini, music specialist, in 2015.

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