Julien Doré reveals images of his adorable reunion with his son

the adventure children’s voices ended yesterday, Saturday October 8, for Julien Doré. “It was incredible to live the experience, thanks to all the teams, thanks to you, who had followed us. And see you soon maybe.” he said in a video posted on his Instagram account. The singer is now continuing his tour of France to the delight of his fans. But before returning to the stage, he took the time to meet his son again. A moment that he wanted to share on his Instagram account.

A sweet exchange between Julien Doré and his baby

In this obviously behind-the-scenes video of one of his dates, we see the singer talking to his baby hiding behind a piece of furniture.. “That’s daddy’s water bottle. It’s for drinking,” we hear him say it to the little boy, who screams with happiness. After a short exchange, Julien Doré kisses him tenderly, before asking him if he heard the rehearsals. “Was it good? Did you like it? Is it quality? Is it good music?”she asks softly, before hugging him again. “and from this morning finds the essential”, wrote the artist in the photo caption of his publication. His fans obviously burst out laughing when they discovered these cute pictures full of tenderness of the young dad. “It’s really too touching 😍 Good reason not to expose it and enjoy it: that’s the main thing”, “So much love”, “Oh, too cute”, “So much love for these little beings there…”, “Literally melt, only love Juju”, “I crack”, could be read between the comments.

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We do not know the child’s name.

The singer became a father in the greatest secrecy, a few months ago. After half mentioning it, he had finally confirmed the information during an exchange with Nikos Aliagas on 50′ inside. Julien Doré kept the identity of the child’s mother to himself and did not reveal his sex or his first name. She had simply posted a snapshot where she posed on her back with her little one next to her, dressed in the same sweatshirt as him. He didn’t hide that becoming a father had made him change his view of his existence. “On stage I am a daron, that role, intimate, that of the house, that responsibility, I feel towards the children in front of me, those who say a word to me, give me a drawing. There is an additional meaning that feeds all parts of my life, also artistic”had indicated in the columns of the Parisian.

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