Just released on Switch, the excellent It Takes Two is out now

[Deal du Jour] Released last year on PC and home consoles, two are required finally comes to Switch. This co-op only playable adventure game comes to the Nintendo console. The perfect opportunity to enjoy one of the best games of its kind.

What is the promotion of this game?

two are required It launched on November 4 on Nintendo Switch and is priced at €39.99 on the eShop. Amazon offers it for €30.49.

What is It Takes Two?

two are requiredo is a cooperative game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts. After An exit, a cooperative game released in 2018, the Swedish studio brilliantly refines the recipe. Remotely or locally, it is essential to be two to play it. You and your playmate play as Cody and May, a couple about to break up. Transformed into dolls by their daughter, they will have to work together to become human again. Story and gameplay are, therefore, closely linked in this adventure that is as much about couples therapy as it is about a Pixar animated film.

Far from being something anecdotal, cooperation is the engine of the game, thanks to the different skills of the characters you will be able to solve the puzzles that come your way. Communication is at the heart of the game and you will be forced to communicate throughout the game in order to progress. The challenge isn’t huge and you’ll need to show some judgment and tact to get through the tens of hours of story.

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Is It Takes Two interesting at this price?

It’s a great deal for one of the best co-op experiences gaming has to offer. Hazelight Studios offers generous and intelligent gameplay. The variety of situations is incredible and perfectly complements the story of the protagonists. two are required take a fair look at the couple and the separation. The treatment of the story inevitably reminds us of certain films from the Pixar studio, toy story Y Vice versa in head the science and the elements of the game call on the characters to constantly renew themselves. Cody and May are often gifted with unique abilities in their everyday lives, providing a healthy dose of humor.

Switch obliges, unfortunately the port is not free of defects. The quality of scenes degrades and In the game, the textures are much more liquid than on PlayStation and Xbox. Thankfully, this Switch version doesn’t suffer from any kind of slowdown and runs quite well. Finally, thanks to the Friend Pass, know that it is not necessary to buy the game twice to play with a friend if the latter is on the same platform.

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