La Aurillacoise, Nathalie Lafargue, has created a board game to acquire the vocabulary of psychiatry

Anhedonia? “Inability to feel positive emotions. “Aragmatism? “Disability of purely psychic origin, difficulty in taking action due to inability to plan activities. » Anosognosia? “Ignorance on the part of the patient of his infection. This is the principle of the game imagined later created by Nathalie Lafargue: associate the terms of the vocabulary of psychiatry with their definition.

Like a child’s game the incollables, the definition is written on one side of the card and the word on the other. “Thanks to the notebook format with detachable cards, you can play with others, counting the points, or use it to review on your own,” explains its creator.

To understand the genesis of this game, you have to go back three years. Health executive at the Henri-Mondor hospital center, in charge of the psychiatric nurses at the Claude-Bernard service, Nathalie Lafargue points out that her team did not “capture enough of the vocabulary of psychiatry, which is very dense, very rich “.

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Therefore, they are looking for a way to help them learn and use it. “Then I remembered that when I was a teenager I played a game to learn irregular verbs in English and it worked. So, in his living room, he starts making cards and has his team play with them.

“It caught on very quickly. They were playing with each other and little by little they were acquiring the vocabulary. »

It could all have ended there, Nathalie Lafargue had no intention of marketing this game to health professionals. “It was very well received. Some even wanted to acquire it right away. But I only had two copies,” she recalls.

Making psychiatry more accessible

So he decides to find a publisher. Two years later – “the publishing industry is very long” – Flashcards in Psychiatry was released by Elsevier Masson on August 31.

One hundred and fifty words to discover and learn in this booklet for medical students, professionals, nurses, caregivers, but also “all relatives of psychiatric patients or the general public. The idea is also to demystify psychiatry in order to understand it better”.

The definitions are simple, accessible to the general public, and offer references to two reference works to allow those who wish to go deeper into the terms. To always better understand and support patients.

Mathieu Broseau

Price: €12 in bookstores and at Fnac.

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