Lara Fabián: Her “wobbly” love story with a married singer “who had children”, tells

After starting his tour best of In Belgium, the 52-year-old artist flew to Paris, where she was able to attend some Fashion Week shows and promote her latest book All, published on September 22 by Libre Expression. A superb book, which offers its readers intoxicating stories and beautiful illustrations, very personal and culinary. It must be said that Lara Fabián’s life so far has been rich in emotions. If today her heart belongs to the man in her life, Gabriel, a magician of Sicilian origin whom she married in June 2013, the interpreter of Love you He had other nice romances before that. But also One more story”wobbly“, according to his confidences, with a married man.

In 1988, when he returned from Eurovision – a competition held in Dublin where he represented Luxembourg with Believe – finds her best friend Nathalie. She tells him of her pain for finishing in fourth place, but above all a sentimental disappointment. “I also reported an unstable love relationship with a married man who had children.she wrote. a small and another unborn. This guy, twelve years older than me, bass player and singer, represented his own country in Eurovision the same year.“A man that Lara Fabian will regard as”the man of her life“, and for what she will do”for love“, things that they consider to be”gratin“, years later. Between the crazy expenses to be able to talk to him for hours and the equally expensive flights.

Bailey’s Worst Bake

In fact, while he has end-of-year exams in high school, he will confiscate his passport without telling his parents to meet him in Dublin. And this idyll does not naturally bring him only moments of joy. She particularly remembers one night when her friend Nath was by her side at her parents’ house, she was “so depressed“I missed cooking pasta”,crying over the big pot of boiling water“. She secretly “puts the lid back on”, still going back and forth to find “the beloved man“On February 14, Valentine’s Day, Roy took her to Dublin airport and put her on his plane to Brussels.”It was the last time in my life that I saw himsays Lara Fabian. Ryanair staff witnessed in flight the The worst Bailey’s cake ever eaten by an eighteen year old passenger.“This year 1988, Roy Taylor represented Ireland precisely.

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