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does not break bricks

Lego Brawls is an arena fighting game. To score points, you face your opponents while playing the objectives that differ depending on the stages. The fights are made with 8 fighters and they offer cooperation or not. Playable only in versus, online or locally, the title does not have a story mode. We admit to being a bit disappointed, especially when we learn about the quality of certain Lego titles. It would have been nice to have a little humorous plot between two fights.

The home screen only offers four modes: Brawl mode to start a quick game, Party mode to play with friends online or locally, and Brawler mode to create your fighter and add them to a dizzying roster of 200 characters. Collection mode allows you to view your progress in a table that lists unlocked characters and weapons. As you may have understood, Lego Brawls doesn’t shine for its variety of game modes, but it probably stands out for its onion-based gameplay and exemplary balance. Minor spoiler: no.

half grape minifigure

The fighter does not have any variation of the blow, so it is impossible to perform the slightest combo. We end up with a character that always hits the same way, regardless of weapon. And even if bonuses occasionally appear on the map to grant powerful items, we quickly find ourselves going around in circles in a game that’s too simplistic.

The bonuses are boxes to collect, there are offensive or defensive weapons, this adds a bit of variety to the game which, as mentioned above, is sorely lacking. The problem is that some bonuses are too powerful and a simple weapon can completely alter the outcome of the match without any possible response, it’s terribly frustrating.

The objectives, although they are multiple, return in a loop since a game lasts about five minutes and the matches follow one another quickly. Among the latter, we especially remember the “Capture Point” mode in which we are 4 against 4 in a large arena that allows two teams to compete for an area. Whoever stays on top the longest wins the game. Then the Free 4 Brawl mode, which is each for their own, wins the last one standing.

It is a true brick and mortar.

Where the game is a bit more interesting is its fully integrated in-game season pass system, to sum it up a bit better it has 14 themes including 4 licenses: Jurassic World, Monkie Kid, Ninjago and Vidiyo. The developers claim that there are over 77 trillion possible combinations to customize your brick fighter. For our part, we are a bit sorry that we don’t have licenses like Star Wars or Marvel, but we can easily imagine the legal issues this raises.

To unlock the characters you have to select a theme that develops as the battles are fought to offer new accessories, in the same way as in Fortnite, the more you level up the more you unlock the characters. For the rest, if you are not a collector, you may be interested at least.

If you are a fan of the Lego universe, you will love its graphics that are aesthetically faithful to what the license offers, and you will also like to discover the few references scattered here and there. From medieval to futuristic, passing through western and pirates, the arenas and the characters are successful.

LEGO Brawls – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch04/10/2022

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